You Equal Hectic - Shove (2) - Soundtrack For Disaster (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Also technology advances. The softer sound of the Toshibas might just be intentional. Record player speakers in the 50s were sort of limited in dynamic range. I do wholeheartedly agree though, that the original Blue Notes have a lot more punch … but then again — I am marked for extinction myself.

Who knows. Anyway — many thanks again and keep on posting Sincerely Joerg. Just checked few records I have the Night at the Village Vanguard from Sonny Rollins Everything is exactly as the original mono first press except for the label on side one which shows the Inc and R supposed to be on the second press from Could you help me clarified which issue it is?

Thanx Lionel. I am not a specialist, but I would have thought you have a solid 2nd issue. Still partly the original label on one side and the new label at the other. What inner sleeve for this one? Havent seen in your listings those lasbels with a BST- Number. Can you pl. Thanks Willie. The blue label white note is a reissue by United Artists of a title, hence the use of the original catalogue number BST. Fantastic article. Really very informative.

What led me here was a recent purchase of The 3 Sounds Vibration album. The copy I purchased was very difficult to identify until I cam upon your article. You see, the album falls into the transition time between the original company and the purchase by Liberty in , you mention above that the last New York and Plastylite pressings ended with The album jacket has Libert Records markings so all of this makes me believe that this album, , May be the last NYC Plastylite pressing before Liberty moved all the production to NJ and other locations.

The sound is amazing which leads me to believe it is a pre-Liberty pressing. Would love feedback, too. Could you kindly send some pictures to LondonJazzCollector outlook. Can this be confirmed visually?

So this copy does not seem to be made in NY. Sorry for this confusion. But the labels are older labels even though the cover is clearly printed after Liberty purchased the label. The first cover manufactured with 43W61 address appears on , released in February It continued to be the address on the back cover for the following six years until mid The cover you have could have been manufactured any time in that period.

There is no finer granularity with dating covers, but it confirms your copy of Vol 2 was probably manufactured at least after , ruling out mixing up covers. The presence of a Lexington label simply means Plastylite were still using up old stock labels from inventory at that time. I have a Liberty manufactured in with a Lexington label. The determinant of date is the most modern element in manufacture.

Also, the inner sleeve is missing from my copy. Do you have any information and photos on what was used at that time? The link with inner sleeves is usually the pressing plant, Plastylite, because they bag the freshly pressed records. Not sure it would tell us anything new if we did. Prior to the 36xcorporate inner sleeves, Blue Note were packed in a plain white inner sleeve, which is what I would expect yours to have had.

I have yet to see one. Groove-width is entirely outside my field of knowledge. Maybe someone else, from the audio-engineering side knows? I am a pro musician and looking for records that give me the feeling that the musicians are playing in my listening room. The piano sounds the worst. ERLP After the last note a terrible sound is coming out of the speakers. My digital playback of a Weiss dac is average far better.

Any help is welcome. Regards Wil. Most modern reissues are mostly a disappointment once you are accustomed to what vintage pressings — 70 sound like. The downside of vintage is that price and availability are in the realm of antiques, not mass-market consumer products.

Hi Ed, thanks for kind words, instant response. Hello, Great site. I have a lot of reading to do! I figured I throw something your way to look at. I have some pictures that I will send to your email noted above. So, there you go! They are both modern releases modern in anyway from the band Medeski Martin and Wood. They share almost everything in common with the Connoisseur labels. They are definitely made in the USA. And one has the following run out:. Very informative. I have newly discovered Blue Note and I am trying to differentiate between Microgroove and Stereo on the label and I am not finding a super clear answer.

Is Microgroove referring to Mono or the actual groove imprint? The shellac disc had a wide groove, and fast rotation, which packed all of five minutes per side. Incredible info on this site! Quick question: Is there any way to find out the number of copies of an album were pressed upon release of a given album or series and when the second pressing occurred? Blue Note sales figures were a closely guarded secret, much wanted, never disclosed publicly, but there are a few sources which allow us piece together some rough orders of magnitude.

There would be an initial pressing run for the first release. If a record sold well there would be a second pressing, which might be a week later, or several years later, and some titles enjoyed only a single pressing in the Blue Note years.

By the mids record sales had grown and the initial pressing run of a typical Blue Note new release was likely around 4, My other benchmark is Mosaic box-sets, whose limited editions ran typically between 3, and 7, units, going OOP within a couple of years.

You get a sense that the market for a jazz titles in first and subsequent pressings total was in the low tens of thousands. Total sales of Sidewinder over its first three or more months uniquely crossed into six figures. I can upload from there LJC. Any problems? I can send you more information about this numbering, when being at home later. Cheers Mladen. The vinyl weighs approx. The label has a deep groove on both sides. Any information on the issue date etc of the recording would be gratefully appreciated.

Congratulations on the great site. If you have the original inner sleeve could help narrow the window. Thank you Aaron for that info. It shows 36 Blue Note covers in black and white on both sides. Any reason why there are different labels on the two sides? Printed batches of Blue Note labels were held in stock for use for further repressings.

The printed label was a consumable inventory stock item. Much to the chagrin of collectors in search of certainty, you have to see the label as only loosely connected with the date of manufacture. Many thanks for all the info. Can I assume with a fair degree of certainty that despite the labels, my copy dates from — ?

NY label, with ear in the run out? Then definitely The exact detail of the inner sleeve will date it more precisely within that period. The promotional inner sleeve has 9 distinct variations. Since the record would have been bagged immediately after manufacture, and bagged in whatever was the current inner sleeve, that inner sleeve is a better means of dating manufacture than all the stuff about labels.

The only flaw is that people sometimes mixed up inner sleeves after play. Beyond that, used the inner sleeve to date it. Many thanks LJC. Brilliant just the information I was after. Many thanks for all your help and keep up the good work with such a brilliant site. I have acquired similar but differt labels of several BN reprintings on the Sunset Liberty label as well as Pacific Jazz Liberty circa With a Van Gelder Stamp by the Way.

All 3, even the budget Sunset pressings of which I have several, are good pressings and seem equal, in quality to the. Can I send you Photographs? Best regards,. Updated, cheers.

In the case of mixed labels e. Prompted by your question I have rewritten the paragraphs about mixed NY23 and W63rd labels, above Section 2, hopefully with greater clarity, though I am not sure I can answer your specific question. The missing piece of information, perhaps someone knows, is the capacity of the label hopper of a Plastylite press. If the first pressing run was spread over three days, the start and finish of the run could be just the difference between Monday and Wednesday.

Spain has form on Blue Note reissues. I have come across a good number of Fresh Sounds Productions reissues recently Barcelona based, I believe. No idea what their credentials are, seems unlikely they would have access to original tapes, so I put them in the Grey Reissues box, avoid.

If anyone has personal experience with them, perhaps they would like to share an opinion. Hi LJC, Firstly, thank you for such an educational site.

As a newbie to jazz, you site has been extremely helpful and very informative. Popsike has one listed with the labels reversed, i.

I am not a Blue Note specialist, far from that, but the first question to be answered is whether you have the first cover or the later one. I bet that yours is the greenish one with the two stylized birds. That is the first cover design.

I suppose it is not a frame cover, which makes it a second edition. This would correspond with the adresses you give.. Thanks for the reply… The cover of this album is the pink and white one. Art Blakey is written in white and the title in a yellow. From what you have written, is it possible that this cover is the incorrect one for the album? It was common practice to use up old stock of printed labels from inventory before using freshly printed stocks. Eking out old stock labels was often done by mixing side one or side two with the more recently printed labels, so mismatched labels are a quite common occurrence with vintage Blue Note.

Why not use up both old A and old B labels together? Reissue is a better description of re-release by new owners of the catalogue, or overseas licensed issues, which usually involved re-mastering from copy tape and broke the lineage with the original Van Gelder master.

I guess people like to use whichever term best suits their purpose. It also has an etched BN-LP. I was quoting the seller. However, taking all this into account and what was written earlier, I must suspect that the album is a reissue. Like LJC said, they may have grabbed in their label box and put on whatever they found. I have had this one with just NYC labels, no adresses.

It is blue note — hank mobley sextet featuring donald byrd and lee morgan. The label is consistent with a or release although supposedly it came out in 58?

But the etching is a problem? I have pictures if you are curious. Any assistance would be appreciated. I sent pics to LJC. I can send to you as well if I have a contact method, or maybe LJC can forward them? Their presence is not definitive of original status, it is the ear, which you say is absent. The 1st edition of is Lexington, and deep groove, released January A 2nd issue on early 47 W63rd label, might possibly also be deep groove.

Your mystery record is deep groove or not? Around the time was first released, original Blue notes weigh typically — grams, with the odd outlier, up to By Liberty some old stock labels and cover without ear, typically weigh grams, none over grams.

The size of vinyl biscuit and weight reduced over the years, and can help narrow down the likely year of manufacture. I cannot weigh it simply because I do not have a kitchen scale — although I could very much use one for other things, so need one soon lol. Basically, without an ear OR the groove, I am giving up on it being an original pressing lol. Hi, got the photos Justin, first impressions confirmed.

No ear and not deep groove, it is a Liberty reissue from ,. It is manufactured with original RVG stampers, using old stock labels cannibalised from a second press around 47W63rd labels no inc or R both sides but the cover is Blue Note Records Inc, hence cover manufactured somewhere between end to It is very cute and quite desirable because of its metal heritage and vintage features, but not an original pressing Lexington nor indeed a Blue Note repress 47W63rd but a Liberty manufactured reissue, my guess Cool, thank you.

One final question, then — do you happen to know, or have an opinion, on a general ballpark value range for this? Even though it is a mid-period reissue it is still nevertheless quite rare, and rare is what drives the price. An open auction on Ebay is the only way to realise its true worth, the whole world can have a shot at it.

And I appreciate all your help, certainly! There are a handful of variations of this title all with original Van Gelder mastering. If interested in selling and in good shape please let me know, thanks. Hi there! There is obviously the P symbol in the trail off, too. What do you think about that? Which kind of pressing is it? Is it a 1st pressing with labels and cover used 3 years later? How is it possible? Many thanks for your attention. Not strange at all, Blue Note used metal stampers from the original lacquers for years.

As opposed to a recording that is re-mastered from the original tapes, or more likely re-mastered from an unknown xth generation copy tape, for reissue.

Everything is from the original master tapes, including i-tunes downloads. After digital conversion, limiting, whatever. Remember all that Dolby stuff? Chop off the top end and no tape hiss, or music come to that. Nowadays they think the market desires more bass, so it sounds better through earphones.

The original is as was intended, which will do for me. Repress is doubly good, as usually same sound with years less wear and tear. I have the Thelonious Monk The complete Genius two lp reissue set released in All his Blue Note recordings. Would you happen to know who did the mastering for this reissue?

It sound very good to me. Thank you for a superb and informative site! Lexington on cover, cvr frame K. Thanks for any possible answer, Nicholas. So from Mode for Joe on the ear was no longer present. The first pressings of the following titles do not have ears because they were released sometimes much later than planned: — Free Form — Donald Byrd; — Extension — George Braith; — Indestructible — Art Blakey; — Blue Sprits — Freddie Hubbard; — Andrew! Hi Seth, that list is correct, and twenty titles that followed, between and , are similarly on Blue Note NY labels, but without the ear.

They were all Van Gelder recordings, and Van Gelder mastered. Thank you for the extra information. I have been wondering about some of my Blue Notes that lack ears. I saw them as a way to pay less for the Blue Note sound. For a long time, I wondered if some of the ear markings were rubbed off over time or just stamped too lightly. Retrieved 8 March Archived from the original on 21 March Retrieved 21 March Q , June The Onion A.

Club , 29 March Retrieved 3 July September Archived from the original on 12 November Retrieved 24 January Knebworth Estates, Archived from the original on 23 June Retrieved 13 July New York Times, 6 September Archived from the original on 15 April Retrieved 3 October Q , October Nude As The News.

Retrieved 26 June Stylus Magazine , 31 May Retrieved 30 June Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 1 November Uncut , September Geek fact".

Retrieved 25 April BBC, June Archived from the original on 21 April Retrieved 8 April Chicago Sun-Times. Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 14 June Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on 9 January Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on 10 August Archived from the original on 17 August Archived from the original on 2 March Q In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds.

Archived from the original on 17 October Retrieved 14 October Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved 16 October Archived from the original on 19 October Archived from the original on 12 July Retrieved 21 April Archived from the original on 23 October McCall goes looking for Miles and rescues him from gangsters. Robbin Hood feat. Miles paint in McCall's apt before break in. Jacob Banks.

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