Untitled - Chemiefaserwerk - Le Grau (Cassette)

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Gregory Porter - Holding On Jason Laidback - Freaky Ways Doorly - Boogaloo Rob Scary Intro Oliver Koletzki, Leslie Clio feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner - The Sun Miles Wyde - Havana Sweep 'n' Groove feat. Pete Sabo - Pressure Original Mix Classixx - Into the Valley feat. Karl Dixon Julio Bashmore Remix Larry Cadge - Serendipity Dope Mix Andhim - Boy Boy Boy Harish Nagh Dubai.

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For the download of the file you have to be a professionist installer or wholesaler, a designer or lighting designer. Upgrade your profile on my profile page! Codice di verifica scaduto, effettuare la login per completare la registrazione. While this sounded all not too bad, I preferred the other tape to this one.

I would strongly suggest seriously improving on the packaging and making it look better and more informative: that would bring more interest in the music that deserves to be heard by a bigger audience. The music was recorded throughout , in concert as well as in studio surroundings and I assume he cut 'n paste these recordings together in this twenty minute noise onslaught. There is a movement of noise creators who work with computers but who do not rely on just an endless wall of distorted sounds, but in stead have something that jumps and bounces all over the place, left to right in the speaker, with odd jump cuts at even odder places.

And yes, sometimes this is really annoyingly and pleasantly loud , but it never stays long in a single place, not even in the same dynamic place, as it goes from very low to very high end here. I quite enjoyed this release, perhaps due to its briefness.

Longer would perhaps not work as well, and shorter would be… just too short. Now we have a twenty-minute solid impression. It's such a nice tape, that it needs to be mentioned. First of all, the sheer length of this tape: ninety two minutes of music, and each side is presented as one piece, but in fact it's broken down into many small pieces. All of these pieces are a bit pop like, mostly instrumental, a bit techno, and much lo-fi with tinkling on keyboards.

None of the tracks-inside-the-big-track- seems to be using up two or three minutes, and it's making sense as a whole, not as separate pieces. Maybe the label should consider selling MP3s of this?

I am not sure if I heard his work before. Mister Sack we of course know for many years as one of the most important people to play wacky, childlike popmusic. Lo-fi popmusic to be precise, with a nice experimental edge to it, but it is always playing a song and not a 'piece', if you get my drift. Together they worked, I assume, through the strength of e-mail, bouncing back and forth melodies, bits of a song, both of them singing, guitar sounds, a French horn - trademark of any good Sack song I should think - and a bit of computer stuff, courtesy of Sheffield.

Lovely, intimate stuff going on here. Bittersweet small melodies; if only pop music was always like this, I'd be buying too. Also perhaps sold out, but surely still around as a download, is the EP by Adeodat Warfield, nom de plume of Ryan Sublette, of whom I never heard before.

Here too we find something that is pop-like, but more conventional, perhaps, than the Sack Und Sheffield release. Sublette plays keyboards, adds a bit of rhythm and sings. The structure of his songs may be the only thing that is perhaps less ordinary. He's a bit of loose on the organisation of his four songs. He adds quite some reverb and delay to his voice, and that makes it all a bit too similar. But the whole thing - well, c14! Also heavily on the ambient and introspective side, so surely appealing to a few people who are keen to discover something new.

They have a release on a label that is likewise new to me, Earshots Recordings. On this forty-minute cassette we find five pieces of die-hard improvisation. Not of the most careful kind, but all quite direct and in your face.

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  1. SMITTEN - CHEMIEFASERWERK (3"CDR by Sart Label) 18QM - NONTRON (cassette, private) 18QM - LE GRAU (cassette, private) One Christian from Marseille used to call himself Smitten before settling upon 18QM - which is the size of his room in which he does all of his recordings?
  2. Untitled – Cassette Evan Miller. Cassette €6 EUR. T – Cassette Chemiefaserwerk. Cassette Sold Out recollection. – Cassette Meshes – Limited Edition Cassette Matthew Atkins. Cassette Sold Out Risset Drum Piece – Cassette.
  3. May 01,  · Snail on a Razor #2 Zine from Econore, $ USD. A5-sized xeroxed zine featuring interviews with RANGERS, BUCK GOOTER, CAPELO, METAL ROUGE and RYOSUKE KIYASU. Drawings and illustrations by ŠTĚPÁN BROŽ. 24 pages, limited edition of copies.
  4. The Compact Cassette or Musicassette (MC), also commonly called the cassette tape, audio cassette, or simply tape or cassette, is an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.co was developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium, and introduced in September Compact Cassettes come in two forms, either already containing content as a prerecorded cassette Developed by: Philips.
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