Tell It To The World - Robin Zander - Robin Zander (CD, Album)

Whitehead nods gravely, then darts off to discuss more logistical matters with the leader of our security platoon. The guards all tote half-concealed walkie-talkies under their suit jackets; earplugs with long wires trail down their necks and disappear inside their coats. All these elaborate precautions seem silly.

True, Cheap Trick is one of the most popular rock bands in Japan, with three Number One singles and four gold albums to its credit. So far, however, the expected hordes have failed to materialize.

Dyer, one of four personal bodyguards the band has brought along from its home base in the Chicago-Madison area, is a strapping, Bunyanesque fellow. As the driver weaves his way through traffic-choked, labyrinthine streets, die rest of our cortege disappears from view.

Hands, faces, arms and legs press up against the car windows and block out the daylight, while the car pitches and sways, threatening to turn over any minute.

There is something particularly horrifying about being attacked by a pack of thirteen-year-old girls. Evil is one thing, but when the innocents are transformed into monsters…. Lois, a petite but spunky Brooklynite, yells over the din. The crowd draws back. Lois and I are left alone as girls scurry toward his car. For a moment, it feels like things are going to turn ugly.

He bellows orders in English, but his sentiments transcend linguistic barriers. Harris and Dyer drag Zander out of the back seat, form a human sandwich around his slender, boyish figure and battle to the station entrance.

I catch a glimpse of Zander as the three push by; his jacket is in shreds and he is holding onto his golden hair, gritting his teeth. Nielsen draws cheers, squeals and autograph hounds, and runs through the crowd holding his Hamer Guitars baseball cap on his head he never takes it off; it camouflages a balding pate. The chunky, bespectacled Carlos walks the gantlet virtually unmolested. When the girls scream, he looks thrilled and waves hello.

Inside, lucky girls in the studio audience wait at the foot of a small soundstage. The DJ leaps onstage, reels off a few sentences in breathless Japanese, ending with the words Cheap Trick. One by one, the band members greet their public:. Zander smiles. The rest of his speech is drowned out by a sustained squeal.

Standing under the lights, dressed all in white, he seems impossibly pure, dimples within dimples. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are to be here once again…. Petersson steps forward to let the little girls snap photos; his squarish, well-defined jaw and high, chiseled cheekbones make him unusually photogenic.

He has the same straightforward Midwestern good looks as Zander, but he seems a touch more sophisticated. The peach-faced Mouseketeer who grows up to become a hashish smuggler. Carlos smiles and backs off the microphone almost immediately.

The girls love it. Nielsen moves like Jack Benny; his shoulders are locked in a perpetual shrug. When the spotlight hits him, he turns on, popping his eyes out so far you expect them to drop to the floor and roll around.

His pale doughface becomes Silly Putty, twisting and stretching into gleeful contortions. The on-the-air interview takes place in a smaller, private studio; the band sits in one room, and Lois and I watch from the other side of a glass window. Adamany, a slight, swarthy fellow, observes the proceedings with the cool, disinterested air of a camel trader. But the similarity is just coincidence. With this album after the first three tracks I was ready for a classic but as others have said it's varied and why not.

It strikes me that Cheap Trick never settle for predictable but there's plenty here to enjoy. Report abuse. Great to complete "Cheap Trick" collection. Translate review to English. Well, what can I say about this album? To be honest, I'd forgotten about this album until watching their fairly recent dvd 'Cheap Trick Silver' and a song from this album was performed. So, I bought this cd and listened to the whole thing. Within the various songs, I caught glimpses of Cheap Trick, some very non Cheap Trick sounding songs, and some songs quite grand in their scope, almost orchestral.

Through all the widely varying pieces, I did notice one similarity to them all. Truly unbelievable!!!!! Incredibly soulful!!!!! I spoke to Robin about the CD and he told me about the photos in the sleeve. The elderly man is Robin's father, the child is Robin's son, Robin's wife poured Robin and his father coffee, the photos are taken in the hotel where John Belushi died. If I remember correctly it is the actual bathroom and hotel room he died in as well as the pillars outside the hotel.

E-MAIL: veggipinto hotmail. I don't think i've taken it out of my cd player since it came out. E-MAIL: minotaures yahoo. E-MAIL: mickgr optusnrt. It is by far my personal favorite, sorry about that Cheap Trick! Robin not only captivates you with his musical talents, but also proves to the world just what a genius he really is! He is able to take every form of pop, rock, soul, ballads, you name the category, and comprise them into one beautiful new musical clasification all his own.

Thank you Robin Zander and the rest of the group, together you guys are truely remarkable!! Your music has touched so many lives and has brought so much happiness to others, that is why we remain your fans, forever! Yes , G-d is definitely in all of you!

Please don't ever quit! Thanx, Robin!! E-MAIL: debkeefe visuallink. Too underplayed, but, loved by all true Trick fans!!! This is truly a showcase of Robin's ability!!! E-MAIL: sapphire One of my favorite albums. Robin has the sexiest voice in the world! I wish he could have included a few of the tracks that were left off, such as What's Her Name and Miss Tomorrow, both really great songs.

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Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Ships from Amazon. Ships from. Sold by. Add gift options. Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by Green Orbit. Condition: Used: Very Good. Other Sellers on Amazon. Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Cheap Trick fans: Which song do you consider Robin Zander's best vocal? Location: Coram, NY. What songs have his best vocal?

Location: Los Angeles, CA. DrAftershave , Feb 6, Location: East Tennessee. I'd have to think long and hard before answering, but I do know I wouldn't pick any of the songs you listed - not because any of them feature a less than stellar vocal - let's face it, Zander has pretty much never recorded a bum vocal on even the worst CT songs. You can go a lot of ways with this: technically difficult?

Robin also has a ton of "personality" to his voice lots of quirks that other singers wouldn't ever do , which I understand could bug some listeners - certainly not me.

Will have to think on it. Albums that kinda skidded by the wayside fell short in Trickville. In between was a hodge podge of lack lustre material to say the least. I was pretty stoked to learn that after a 8 year absence Petersson was returning with his 12 String Hamer Bass replacing Jon Brandt who filled in admirably while Tom was doing whatever it was he was doing….

Zander and his voice save the day from this song from hitting the scrap yard just like how Brad Delp salvaged Bostons Third Stage album. Zander can sing. Wowzers even Rick drops a guitar solo in this song amidst electronic everything floating around. Trick especially Nielsen hated this tune as no one in Trick had any say in the writing of it!

Fair enough but not me…. This is a good song in a way! A driving rock track that has a real good chorus and it only took to track 5 to ramp things back up into old school respectability! Holy man even Bun E is slamming that ride cymbal down on this track. Trick in the year of should sell this song to one of those wannabe New Country Hee Haw acts and they could retool this song and make it a hit.

Cheap Trick man I still love and listen to these guys all the time but its a mix n match of stuff. Love the 70s output!

Cheap Trick the self titled album from the Tricksters came and went without a whimper in and what was it down to? I thought Lap Of Luxury was not a good album.

Those are Trick records. Perhaps it was the music climate that was snuffed out in by Creed and others that did this album in. Trick has two cool guys and two nerds!

Fair enough! Anytime starts the 97 Trick Party and Bun E opens the album with a real cool beat on the drums. The 70s image of Bun E smoking and playing drums and looking like some washed up real estate agent which was friggin funny as hell but It kinda took away the fact that the cat could drum! Anytime proves that Bun E drives the song forward! Smooth during the verses and he basically goes real heavy during the chorus!

Crank the video posted! Hard To Tell is that track! This song is so damn catchy as the song is driven by a real cool opening followed by a killer bass line to keep us all amused!

The Tricks pulled out all the stops on this song and it should have been released as a single but when your label bails what do you do?

Robin Zander Wiki Biography. Robin Zander is a Beloit, Wisconsin-born American singer as well as a rhythm guitarist perhaps best known for being the lead singer of the rock band “Cheap Trick”. Born on 23 January , Robin has been active in the field of music since Robin is now considered as one of the great voices in the world in.

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  1. Background. When Cheap Trick parted from their label, Epic, in , Zander felt he had the opportunity to record a solo album while the band secured a new record told Billboard in "It just seemed like the right time. There's absolutely no dissatisfaction within the Cheap Trick realm. It's sort of like when you have this career, you need a hobby on the chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.coer: Jimmy Iovine, Robin Zander, James "Jae-E" .
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Robin Zander on Discogs.5/5(3).
  3. Tell it to the World Robin Zander. Album Robin Zander. Tell it to the World Lyrics. Starlight through the window in the night She turns in her sleep and breathes out a sigh.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Robin Zander on Discogs. Label: Interscope Records - 7 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Pop • /5(9).
  5. The album is a good mix of ballads, mainstream rock, and pop. Zander's influences show throw the music with covers of tunes by Harry Nilsson, and Neil Young. Tell It To The World is reminiscent of earlier songs by George Harrison, and Reactionary Girl immediately brings the Rolling Stones to mind/5(9).
  6. Leggi il testo completo Tell It to the World di Robin Zander tratto dall'album Robin Zander. Cosa aspetti? Entra e non perderti neanche una parola!
  7. Feb 06,  · I believe in the original promotional package for the first Cheap Trick album, it compared Robin to Lon Chaney - Chaney being the "man of a thousand faces" - and Zander being the "Man of a thousand voices". It ain't just hype! While great songs never hurt, personally, Zander's voice is a KEY reason I fell in love with Cheap Trick.
  8. Dec 31,  · This is Robin Zander circa , with all that poppy melodic rock imprinted over it. All in all, “Countryside Blvd.” is a really satisfying stretch for Robin Zander that fans can’t have. Honestly I don’t understand why this album yanked and it was not properly released until now, as it owns a wide potential for many audiences.
  9. Apr 16,  · In , Zander released a self-titled solo album. Zander continues to perform with Cheap Trick all over the world. In , the group played in Japan for the 30th anniversary of the first Budokan record release. Robin Zander Net Worth $25 Million Dollars.

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