Survival - Various - European Hardcore - The Way It Is (Cassette)

Restore your stamina by eating food, sleeping, listening to the cassette player or resting on the wood bench.

You can also drink cans of soda for an instant boost of stamina, however, they are a limited source and should only be consumed in an emergency. This method of survival is the most obvious. In it, the player constructs a large base with numerous traps, defensive walls, effigies if their sanity is low enough to access the effigies menu , and fires to keep away and kill as many mutants as possible.

It works moderately well but the mutants become more aggressive to this approach: mutant attacks will evolve into small-scale invasions with dangerous enemies like the spider mutant. This strategy takes a significant amount of preparation and hard work. This is a much more challenging approach but it can be more rewarding in terms of survival length.

There are two different variations of this strategy: staying mobile and staying far away from mutants. Covering your fires with wooden walls will also keep them from investigating the lights at night. This works well at evading mutants but makes it difficult to satisfy basic survival needs. Contents Best Portable Cassette Players 1. First, this is the only product we reviewed to feature an automatic volume limiter system to prevent abrupt volume shifts as well as a mega bass boost to add some thump to your tunes.

But, it is arguably the stabilizing feature that makes this one of portable cassette players available. Featuring an anti-rolling mechanism, the Walkman is able to better control the flow of the cassette tape.

Comes with a couple tone shaping features Offers a robust radio receiver Uses high-quality heads and motors Includes headphones, belt clip, and carrying case Provides additional stabilization features. An exceptionally expensive portable cassette player A bit more complicated to use Used product is hit or miss Radio reception susceptible to interference Batteries die faster than most of the others.

When it comes to the Jara portable cassette player, you do not have to worry about a million different features like with some of the higher-end models that we reviewed and the litany of buttons and commands to remember. Instead, this is by far one of the easier portable cassette radios to use as all of the buttons are clearly marked and manipulate a single function. On top of that, Jaras also comes with a built-in microphone in case you need to record anything as well as a 3.

So you can listen to your music or talk programming in peace. Requires unusual batteries Not the best recording quality. In fact, this is a big part of the reason that the Sony Walkman became such a popular product in the first place. There is simply few if any other portable cassette players on the market that even make an honest attempt at providing the sound quality of the Sony WM D6C. This was also one of the first portable cassette players that could play 2 different Dolby codecs if your cassette tape featured that fidelity.

Has the best audio processing quality Has the best audio recording quality Uses high-quality heads and motors Has Dolby audio playback Has 2 types of noise reduction Include tape counter. The most expensive Quieter than expected. Panasonic portable cassette player is easily one of the best products we saw for analog playback of cassette tapes. This superior function is achieved by utilizing components that are of a superior quality when compared to the competition especially when it comes to the heads and motors.

Considering this product is more than two decades ago, you will have to purchase one used. One of the more stable portable cassette players Construction is more durable than most Uses some of the best heads and motors One of the easier to use Replacement parts are still manufactured Excellent bass boost.

An exceptionally expensive Does not offer many controls Exceedingly short on features Does not include headphones. Another element that helps is that the 32 MB VGA memory card that comes standard as part of this cassette player allows the Reshow to feed the data onto your PC in a more even manner.

Some of the other cassette converters use a direct recording feed. This can create points where the data feed becomes inconsistent and ultimately ruins the recording.

In terms of converted audio quality, this was one of the portable best cassette players we saw. Requires a PC to convert the music MACs are more complicated to use than Windows Primary material is heat sensitive plastic The direct cassette playback is not great. The features of the Jensen cassette player are so limited. This is the only product we saw that does not even come with a rewind button. This can make using the Jensen for anything except a straight play though difficult, because to back the cassette up you will have to take the tape out, flip it over, play or fast forward, take it out and flip it back to the original side.

Then play and hope you got to the desired point. If that process sounds complicated, imagine actually having to do it. Jensen Portable Cassette Player Review! The least expensive product reviewed One of the easier to use Spring-loaded buttons reduce the risk of accidental control Exceedingly light and easy to carry. Does not provide many features Does not feature a rewind button Requires an additional adapter for AC power Does not have to stabilize features.

Depeche Mode — Violator. Ramleh — Awake! Madonna — The Madonna Collection. Various — Lonely Is An Eyesore. Buck 65 — Year Zero. Various — Untieddiaries Throbbing Gristle — 24 Hours. Return to Discogs Blog Tags: cassettes expensive. Log in to Reply. Hmmm, not what I expected. It takes some doing to set the tape free, while you curse your fat fingers and search for a pencil to dig the tape out.

But the cassette never quite plays the same, likely to get caught again in the exact same spot. With all the digital music you could dream about available at a click and new records being pressed on high-quality vinyl to provide analog warmth, why would you want to get tangled up with tape? Cassette lovers, old and new, assert that tapes have something that online music lacks—a tactile physical presence. Via the Burger Records Facebook page.

In fact, tapes have been a democratizing force since high-fidelity cassettes and home recorders first hit the market in the early s. Men serving in the Vietnam War and their loved ones exchanged tape letters that put their voices to the words. Such letters could also include songs or ambient sounds like birds, traffic, or construction. This new tape technology was also key to the development of hip-hop music in the s in the Bronx.

Groundbreaking hip-hop parties featuring pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and DJ Kool Herc were recorded on tapes, and those recordings were dubbed repeatedly and passed around. When the boombox was introduced in , it became a means to share new beats and raps with neighbors. Of course, the technology for recording on magnetic tape had existed since , but early reel-to-reel machines were bulky and prohibitively expensive.

However, long before the first low-quality recordable compact cassettes were introduced in followed by commercial music cassettes in , experimental composers were looking at tape as a potential musical instrument.

At the same time, composer Halim El-Dabh was conducting similar tape experiments in Egypt. Stockhausen in particular became known for his tape collages of ambient sounds and other music.

American experimental composer John Cage also dabbled in tape music. Eventually, composers like Steve Reich, who worked at the center, figured out how to translate his strange tape compositions into live performances. When high-fidelity cassettes and less-massive recorders hit the consumer market in the s, creative types on a budget also attempted similar experiments at home. Cassette-tape technology was upending the power structures that once controlled ideas: The power of recording and distributing music now belonged to the people, not just industry executives trying to churn out hits.

A cassette starts to lose its ability to capture the super high frequencies after around 12K. The equivalent of that is when you put a blanket over a speaker. A lot of early hip-hop took to tape in a nice way: the drum beats just sounded really good when they were smashed on cassette.

Before cassette tapes, the barriers to making and distributing an album were extraordinarily high. Listen at HalTapes. Cassettes would be the way for punk artists to go. Instead of corporate music, you had very unique viewpoints of not just music, but reality.

Today, a superficial measure of success might mean having your MP3 single featured on a well-trafficked blog—when listeners might not even pay attention or engage with the rest of your album. I felt like it was music that needed to define the parameters of its own success. Cassettes allow our output to have a handmade quality because we are dubbing everything.

Tapes on display at a recent Burger Records pop-up shop in Tokyo, Japan. Their scrappy little company ended up leading the charge in the current cassette-tape trend. We need, like, 5 grand to put out a vinyl album. For a cassette, we can just take change and recycle cans and get a hundred couple bucks together.

After a couple of years, the tapes started paying for themselves. Eight years later, Burger Records, located in Fullerton, California, has put out more than vinyl albums and around cassettes, as well as numerous CDs and VHS tapes, making it one of the fastest growing independent music labels in the world. In fact, Burger often offers the same albums in four formats—cassette, vinyl, CD, and computer download.

Making tapes for bands that are on other labels is just really good PR sense for them to have another stream of influence coming for a younger generation. Home-taping pioneer R. Stevie Moore , whose dad, Bob Moore, played with Elvis and Roy Orbison, began recording and mailing out tapes from his Nashville home in Around the same time, German krautrock band Faust started offering bootleg tapes only through mail, and San Francisco music and performance art group the Residents was selling cassettes to their member fan club by post.

Bands inside the Iron Curtain, like Plastic People of the Universe, employed easily concealed tapes to spread their anti-conformist anti-Communist message. Listen at Cassette Art Classics. Each review would include a postal address so tapers could write to each other to buy or trade cassettes. Sure, an artist can make several copies of a cassette, but every copy is slightly different than another.

And those people sent their tapes back to us, so there was a give-and-take of creative ideas. It was really exciting. Quickly, Ingels was overwhelmed with cassette submissions, and the column expanded to take up pages and pages. Campau would circle the reviews of tapes he was excited about, while Margolis would mark them with checks or crosses.

To be honest, it was a lot more fun getting letters and packages in the mail than opening emails. Topics Cassette tape. Reuse this content. Most popular. If you create playlists in iTunes, you can use those in Spotify also! I am so grateful. Now my whole family can enjoy this treasure forever. Everything you need to know about Audio Cassettes to CD. Common audio to digital conversion questions.

Jul 22,  · The cassette market, though growing, is still relatively small. Just % of all Discogs purchases in were of a cassette tape, which was up slightly from the year before. There were just about , cassettes purchased on Discogs in , which is an increase of 24% over

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of European Hardcore - The Way It Is on Discogs. Label: Lost And Found Records - LF /CD • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk Survival: 8 – Skin Of Various: European Hardcore - The Way /5(20).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Digital Sex Hardcore on Discogs. Label: CD Club - ES • Format: Cassette Compilation, Unofficial Release • Country: Poland • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardcore Various: Digital Sex Hardcore – A Hardtrance Compilation From Europe Throbbing At bpm And 1/5(1).
  3. Europe's Europe isn't overproduced or filled with keyboards. It's much more raw and honest. I like myself some Final Countdown as well, after all it was my introduction to Europe like many others but this and its excellent follow up, Wings of Tomorrow (), is totally different and in a good way. //5(40).
  4. Jul 04,  · Finally there was a way to listen to music on the go, in an easy portable way. Carrying a stack of cassettes and spare batteries was a bit more of a hassle though. Mix tapes were a wonderful solution: You could create your own playlist, or make one for someone else, and because space on your cassette was limited to 60 minutes (or 90, or if Author: Solil.
  5. Cassette decks for cars arrived a few years later, forever changing the way mankind travelled, and making long trips on India’s stressful roads infinitely more bearable.
  6. It was one of the most colorful decades in history. Movies like Back to the Future, E.T., and The Breakfast Club were released and took the world by storm. It was the age of the arcade, the Macintosh computer, the Walkman, and the cassette tape. It was the golden .
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