My Love Was There - The Junction (3) - Another Link In The Chain (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Casey Jones. Eddie Newton. The Legend of John Henry's Hammer. I've Been Working on the Railroad. Sweet Betsy from Pike. The Streets of Laredo. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie. Down in the Valley. Wabash Cannonball. The Great Speckle Bird. Wildwood Flower.

Cotton Fields. Pick a Bale o' Cotton. Old Shep. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight. Hank Williams. Time Changes Everything. Track Listing - Disc 4. Keep on the Sunny Side. Diamonds in the Rough.

There'll Be Peace in the Valley. Thomas A. Another Man Done Gone. Pick the Wildwood Flower. Jerry Leiber. If I Were a Carpenter.

Girl from the North Country. One More Ride. You Can't Beat Jesus Christ. We Oughta Be Ashamed. George Jones. Crazy Old Soldier. Silver Haired Daddy of Mine. Who's Gone Autry? I Walk the Line Revisited. The Wanderer. September When It Comes. Tears in the Holston River. Far Side Banks of Jordan. Lovergirl 6.

It's Raining Men 7. Dancing In The Sheets 8. Lost In Emotion 9. Thanks For My Child Walking On The Chinese Wall. Every Time You Go Away 9. One Step Beyond 2. New Sensation 3. She Drives Me Crazy 4. Venus 5. Major Tom Coming Home 6.

Chains Of Love 7. New Song 8. Two Of Hearts 9. Shake Your Love Fascinated Tracks of Disc 3 1. Promise, Promises 7. Election Day Tracks of Disc 4 1. Walk Like An Egyptian 2. Tuff Enuff 3. All Cried Out 4. This Could Be The Night 5. Your Love 6. Calling America 8. Heartbeat 9. Day By Day Keep On Loving You 2. Miss Sun 3. Hard To Say 4. Hearts On Fire 5.

Never Too Much 6. Winning 7. Her Town Too 8. Sweet Baby 9. Seven Year Ache How 'Bout Us. Walking On Sunshine 2. Do You Want Crying. Funkytown 3. Rhythm Of The Night 5. Nightshift 6. I Can Dream About You 7. Ladies Night 8. Word Up 9. Sister Christian Somebody's Watching Me Dreamin' Obsession Secret Lovers Cool It Now Breakout Crush On You In My House Don't Be Cruel Tracks of Disc 2 1.

Eternal Flame Tracks of Disc 4 1. What A Feeling 2. There Goes My Baby Ooo Baby Baby Let's Get It On Runaround Sue 2. Let's Stay Together 3. Rock And Roll Heaven 4. Come A Little Bit Closer 6.

Hooked On A Feeling 7. A World Without Love 8. This Diamond Ring 9. Gimme Some Lovin' Bus Stop Walkin' To New Orleans Do Wah Diddy Diddy Good Vibrations Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now Green Eyed Lady Rock 'N Me Little Bit O' Soul Surf City Travelin' Man Used To Be My Girl We're An American Band. Venus 3. It's All In The Game 4. Sealed With A Kiss 5. Only You And You Alone 6. Love Letters In The Sand 7.

Unchained Melody 8. Hey There Lonely Girl 9. Goodnight My Love Pleasant Dreams Hey, Girl Roses Are Red My Love April Love Puppy Love Ebb Tide My Cherie Amour Tracks of Disc 2 1. At Last 2. My Eyes Adored You 3. Since I Fell For You 5. You Belong To Me 6. Cherish 7. The Way You Look Tonight 8. Baby It's You For Your Precious Love My Own True Love When We Get Married Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite. Shop Around 2. My Guy 4. For Once In My Life 5. Come See About Me 6.

Ain't That Peculiar 8. You Keep Me Hangin' On 9. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep Love Child Tracks of Disc 2 1. Handy Man 3. Harbor Lights 4. You're My Soul And Inspiration 5. Sunny 6. Only The Strong Survive 8. Ta Ta My True Confession. To New Orleans Heart Of Glass 2. Hot Child In The City 3. Reminiscing 5. Ballroom Blitz 6. American Pie 7. Magic 8. Rock Me Gently Hooked On A Feeling Boogie Oogie Oogie You're No Good Heartbreaker Rock And Roll Heaven.

Cruisin' CD. Sunny 2. Wip Out 3. Psychotic Reaction 5. Born A Woman 6. Pushin' Too Hard 7. Walk Away, Renee 8. Lil' Red Riding Hood 9. California Dreamin' Sweet Pea. Wooly Bully 2. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling 3.

The Birds and the Bees 4. King of the Road 5. If purchased, I will receive a commission. Last but not least, my very favorite detail from our End of Summer Party! We loved the Metallic Confetti Tumblers from our Summer party so much that we just had to make some more.

My mom started charting my brother's height, my short self had already stopped growing, darn it! It was my first MFSL and nearly my last. Every time I played it which of course wasn't often I had to tell myself, "This is supposed to sound good. This is supposed to sound good.

This is I'm reading an old thread, but just to add my 2 cents: back in the late '90s I realized Mofi did not always use original masters when I bought Clapton's " Ocean Blvd", which contained a track from his subsequent album "One In Every Crowd" right in the middle of the CD.

The only way to teach these companies that won't clearly state the source of a recording is to not buy their records. I have sent emails to Capital and 4 Men with Beards about the source of certain LPs and they never responded. And some post partial information, like on some John Coltrane reissues that have a sticker that says "Sourced by Rhino, distributed by Scorpio. Then there are all those cheap Blue Note reissues.

Why the difference? Probably different sources. I'll wait for the Music Matters reissue later this year. Sure bet. Now when I shop and I'm not sure about a title I'll ask the vendor to hold the record behind the counter for a day or two so I can do some research on sites like this. Transparency in what you buy in music is not good. Apart from the ones mentioned, it gets really difficult to work out what sources are.

Sometimes you buy something, put it on the platter and get confronted with 2 dimensional, harsh crap where you were expecting something decent. It would be worth putting an area on Analog Planet devoted to this. Put on album title, record label or company, and what the sources were for the record. Make it updatable by anyone. Anyone can go in, open a new record, and put in the info. And anyone can go in and update information. To my knowledge, there is no such resource anywhere on the web.

Most record labels don't seem keen on the idea of any kind of transparency. Unsurprisingly, if you can pass off Rolling Stones - 60's catalog reissues; 2.

Compressed and terrible sounding Nirvana, Nevermind, Simply Vinyl. Digital something, and not good. Bob Dylan Bootleg Series 8, Tell tale signs; The whole set. Great sounding, transparent, clear and full. Great sounding, good dynamics.

Rolling Stones, "Rarities - ". Rolling Stones, "Stripped" double LP. No-one seems to know. Bob Dylan, "Modern Times", digital, resolution unknown. Same with "together through life". Then the labels mentioned above, steer clear of anything from Doxy, it is virtually guaranteed to be Simply Vinyl is pure chance, you never know what you get. Sundazed always sounds good. And I'm glad you are not "digiphobic" and call them as they sound.

The CD is totally compressed while the LP has lots of dynamic range and better tonal balance. I suspect Doxy is one of those labels that's sprung up in Europe to release music that's now in the public domain under EU law, which is pretty much anything pre or so, from what I understand. That's the way it works. I think Doxy is an Italian label. They are taking advantage of the EU law that puts stuff beyond a certain age in the public domain.

Their stuff so far as I know is just CDs pressed to vinyl. It is unfortunate. I see their stuff sold here in real, reputable record stores like Jecklin and other places. People buy it under the impression it's analogue. There are a few others like that here too.

Doxy have done a series of Muddy Waters box sets on vinyl for example. Great track selection, pretty questionable sound from various sources. EU law used to be sometimes quite advantageous, for umm, unofficial releases. Heaven only knows how they got here and in the surprisingly good sound quality. There are others too.

The quality on these releases has been steadily improving over the last few years. Great article, and critical subject matter. As a newb vinyl listener largely influenced my MF articles in Stereophile, thanks!

We buy the hardware and software in the hope we're avoiding the digital nasties but it would appear there's much more to this than would appear. Having only just started to re-build my vinyl record collection, advice like this is invaluable! While I do try to chiefly hunt down original pressings of my favorite albums, the occasional re-release is unavoidable for the unobtainable. Still, you would be hard-pressed to trump a well-kept, well-cleaned original.

Great read Mikey, thanks! This is a really good article, and hopefully, along with consumer pressure, it will lead to greater transparency from reissue labels. One concern I have is that some vinyl enthusiasts will automatically reject any reissue that has been "contaminated" by digital in any way whatsoever, which might be part of the reason labels are sometimes not forthcoming with information. This is unfortunate because, as you note, LPs cut from hi-rez digital can sound fantastic.

There are a lot of factors that go into whether an LP sounds good or not, and whether digital was involved is only one of them. Try finding a really good sounding Stones record on the London label. It's not easy! Many of them were cut at places like Bell Sound that used dupes of dupes for cutting, and they sound awful.

I'd take the DSD sourced vinyl over those any day as they are way closer to the masters unboxed Decca UK pressings are a different matter, most of those sound great if you can find them in good condition.

But I know people that will refuse on principle to buy any vinyl that they know to have had its purity of analog essence contaminated by digital. That's their right of course, but I swear it's almost like a disease None of this is to excuse those reissue labels that have no interest in sound quality and simply cut LPs from commercially available CD sources.

And in the end, I believe we would be better served by greater transparency about sources and mastering because the current atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion not helpful.

The Londons? Not so much but I wouldn't blame Bell Sound. That mastering stamp more often than not indicates a good sounding record. I suspect it was either a bad sounding tape supplied by Decca though why?

Nice article, Mikey. I'd like to throw in my two cents: Avoid anything released by the Italian reissue label Get Back records. Terrible sound, terrible QC. Never again. Hey we need to bring back those goofy AAD designations that used to be on CDs, where it was implied that DDD was somehow the ideal, but now we need them for vinyl -- AAA implying pure analog recording, mixing, and mastering!

I completely agree with Mickey that it's dicey at best with remasters if the info is limited. Just a thought I have had horrible luck with new issues. Show Newport, and It's so crackly, back it goes. I guess I have to stick with mainly used vinyl. At least I'm not as dissapointed when it is a dud. Is best ignored even though some titles were pretty good.

My understanding is that when Simply Vinyl licensed titles from EMI, the label used analog sources from its vault but other label sources are a crap shoot and mostly sound mediocre. Apparently no one at Simply Vinyl pays much attention to sound. They are "simply" about vinyl. Same for "together through life". It sounds quite respectable.

Leonard Cohens "Old Ideas" is digital, resolution unknown, but quite nice sounding. In my opinion, 10 new songs suffered a bit from some wierd Pro-tools sounding stuff.

Simply Vinyl has done some Elvis reissues and other LPs. The ones I have heard are uniformly crap. I have some Elvis gold CDs that sound better. A number most? They sound great. The Chess Masters reissue, it was done all analog by Steve Hoffman. So there might be a tape that could be used for a reissue! Didn't know there was an analogue version of Modern Times. Would be a great idea for a reissue. Use the analogue tape.

Love the record, it sounds just a tad muddy. Great sounding record!!

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  1. Jul 31,  · The Junction:: My Love Was There Friday July 31, The video for The Junction’s “My Love Was There,” was directed by Davin Black and comes from their album, Another Link in the Chain.
  2. Jul 13,  · We've shot a video for our new single "My Love was There" and here's a sneak peak at what it's going to look like. Look out for the video coming soon!
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