Leaving Town - Ladyland - In Phase (Vinyl, LP)

Although the CDs still looked the same on superficial inspection, closer inspection revealed 2 differences. The first was the presence of RE-1 following the catalogue number in the "deadwax" of the CD. Soundwise, the mastering engineer peeled back a layer of noise reduction possibly due to feedback from purchasers of version 2 , limiting the noise reduction to intros and fades and leaving the body of the songs alone as tape hiss should be less audible in more heavily modulated parts of a tune.

There was, as yet, still no usage of the compression introduced in the EH remasterings However, tapes further removed from the original master tapes than either version 1 and 4 significantly hampers these versions soundwise.

When the Hendrix family finally wrested control of the catalogue from Alan Douglas, the Experience Hendrix version of the catalogue was issued. Now eschewing noise reduction totally, the original master tapes and original cover art were used, with decent and accurate liner notes added.

Digital compression, unfortunately, was used to a greater or lesser extent, according to the title. Axis: Bold As Love literally sounds turbocharged in this edition — there is a HUGE bottom end both extension and level that is not present in the original Reprise edition, and the top end is far smoother than the Reprise also.

Again, I suspect that the Reprise was not mastered from the original master tape here, as the sound is so different from the EH version — the latter is literally a case of strapping yourself in and blasting off. If ever Experience Hendrix decides to remaster the Hendrix albums, hopefully they will leave the full dynamics of the original tape intact as well as staying well away from noise reduction. So yes, I got to hear and hold in my hands actual Beatles master tapes. It was a truly magical experience as was getting to walk into famed Studio Two where all of the magic occurred.

I was initially told it was off limits because it had been booked for a session but the band was late so in I went. It was a very inside joke! Early in I received calls from an EMI representative and from Berkowitz inviting me to visit Abbey Road to witness the production of the long-promised mono vinyl reissue series. Steve Berkowitz and I go back more than forty years to my first day of Boston University Law school in the fall of Instead, they used a loose fitting sealed plastic recognizable to any import junkie.

I had to see what it was so I walked up the steps and it was The Beatles new Abbey Road album not due out in America for two weeks! Of course I bought a copy but should have bought two or five. What does Berkowitz have to do with that story? He was the record buyer at New England Music City and was responsible for ordering those albums.

The EMI representative told me that after absorbing the criticism heaped on the digitally sourced stereo box—including the extensive analogplanet. Berkowitz told me that in his opinion and in the opinions of many, the mono mixes were the more important reissues and I agree. They were the ones The Beatles listened to and to which they paid more attention during mixing.

The monos were the ones most kids back then heard both on the radio and at home. And in reality the albums were produced for mono. The first two albums recorded to BTR two track machines featured voices on one channel and instruments on the other to allow easy post-production leveling. Still, four tracks hardly sufficed for their increasingly complex arrangements.

As the tape's four tracks filled up and were mixed down to one to make room for more music, these pre-mixes were produced with mono in mind so that when all of the tracks were folded together, they would fit together like a stack of cards. That's why the mono set sounds so coherent and why arguably you can actually hear more detail in mono. The mixers created "stereo" by separating as best as they could what was intended to be blended, and panning the elements across the soundstage.

Since it had previously been pre-mixed, what could be done to separate the pre-mixed elements was limited. When I interviewed Ken Scott, he told me that Paul wanted the stereo mix of The Beatles to be as different as possible from the mono because that might induce fans to buy both. The mono mix came first. And the two mixes are very different. You could say the stereo mix was more about commerce than art.

If you grew up listening to the stereo mix, the mono will be an ear opener. Of course at the time stereo was relatively new and novel so listeners craved hearing "separation" across the soundstage, but today we're all more sophisticated listeners.

Hearing the records as originally intended, to me, is the best way to listen. The day, Tuesday, May 14th began with a rainy morning car ride to Abbey Road. Still, I did the walk across the street in the rain first, almost getting run over in the process. I never thought they would go the analogue route. I only hope they do the jackets right and that optimal does not screw things up.

Should we be nervous about about optimal? Can someone please educate me on their pressing quality. All I know is that the stereo box set pressings were awful and the jackets were sub par. Typical Rainbow quality control.

I am quite happy with my Stereo Beatles box set pressed by them. Quiet and flat. There is no comparison to the Rainbo pressings. My SP from the Optimal box is the best I have ever heard. Maybe until this mono version? I hadn't compared the jackets with the Rainbo pressings I am not sure they are any different.

I had issues with 2 of the Rainbo box sets. Optimal pressed the McCartney New album as well. No issues with that pressing either.

They also pressed the BBC Beatles reissues recently. Very good overall, but hard to tell since the sound quality varies so much, my copies did require a thorough cleaning.

Maybe only the 1st one was a reissue? Nice sleeves and packaging overall. A real shame they didn't do the stereo vinyl the same way. After a couple Japanese series and the recent box set I won't hold my breath. Plus do we really need an industry where Chad Kassem is some sort of savior?

A lot of money, but exactly what I've been waiting for, so order placed! Had previously purchased the stereo CD box, and then bought and returned the US-pressed stereo box set due to quality issues. Hopefully, with all of mono box sets are coming from Germany, this won't be a problem. But note, they charge your card at checkout and no, you can't play the shirt. Fantastic article on possibly THE best news of the year and a most welcomed release. My local record shop owner will not be pleased that I won't be purchasing anything over the course of the next three months as I save up!

Hopefully, this release is a harbinger of analog remasters to come. It sounds like they realized their error and corrected things this time around.

Thanks internets! I think it's just crap that The Beatles get the analog treatment in mono but not stereo! I for one cannot stand mono! I don't care if The Beatles were involved in the mono mixes I like the stereo versions much better!

Mono just does not sound right to me. Everything is jumbled up on top of one another. Does not sound as engaging to me! I know the early Beatles albums are panned hard right and left, but I would rather listen to that than mono!

I'm sure I'll get a lot of nasty comments about my statement i. My system is just fine! I never liked mono in any artist catalog. I think this is just another way for the record company to make money again by saying the mono masters are cut to vinyl in all analog! Why couldn't we have the stereo versions in the same way? I for one will not be laying my money out again! I totally agree with you on the part about them screwing up by not doing the stereos analog, but Save your pennies and buy original stereo LPs from the 60s.

Just try to get one every couple of months on ebay. The new one sounded like they had taken the air out of the room while my old UK stereo sounded like The Beatles were in the room with us. My next one is Abbey Road so don't go bidding against me, lol. As for the part about not liking the mono, I guess that's your prerogative, but mono has always felt like the more authentic sounding way to listen to The Beatles.

No brickbats from me luvvinyl, I agree with you completely. I once nearly got to the checkout before I noticed the Sundazed reissue I was about to buy was mono. I was born just a few years before the stereo era and for recordings made in the former era we have no choice but have otherwise never bought a mono record.

I've got a two channel system and unless there is no alternative don't like loading it with recordings not designed for it. It confirmed to me that the industry had lost the plot when mono cartridges began to be made again, some pundits insisted we could only hear our mono records properly if we used one.

This just made me more reluctant to listen to mono. The naive presentation of early stereo pop albums like the Beatles is to my ears at one with the innocence of the music and part of the charm. However as someone who was disappointed with the Beatles stereo reissues I will make an exception and try one of the mono set. Just don't put off having your next meal till I buy a mono cartridge! Linn Sondek Klimax inc. Kandid , Naim Superline and Supercap.

I have no complaints about your personal preferences. Why would I? They're your preferences. But for Christ's sake ease up on the exclamation points. Mono was fine in the old days of AM radio and stereo records were more expensive back then, so we didn't buy them.

But I never liked Sgt. Peppers album until about a year later a friend of mine played it for me in stereo and I was amazed. Mike, I really had to wipe away tears as you described walking into Studio 2. My God, I realize that it's just a room, but then again, no. It's more. Way more. If I were there that day, I'm sure I would have been overwhelmed with emotion, just knowing where I stood and what took place there. Thank you so much for sharing. And by the way, I've got a great mono CD box I'd like to sell you.

I will be getting these. LPs done from the original masters, done with TLC. It's a no-brainer. Very, very cool, people read and took note of comments and feedback. And on Analogplanet. I feel like the state of my hallway sets the mood for the day. I know my day will be chaotic when I walk down to find 60 shoes and various clothes on the floor like a school child has spontaneously combusted at the bottom of the stairs.

Older posts. Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved July 6, Consequence of Sound. Retrieved May 8, Jimi Hendrix Experience. Great Britain: Track Records.

New York City: Reprise Records. RS Reprise Records. R Retrieved September 1, British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. Select Gold in the Certification field. Recording Industry Association of America. Jimi Hendrix. Original — releases are marked in bold. Book Category. Jimi Hendrix songs by album. Artist: Guns N' Roses Album: Appetite For Destruction Release Date: July 21 The original cover for the debut album by Guns N' Roses was a robot rapist causing havoc on the streets, but was soon changed to the now classic skull and cross bone cover.

It was changed to a fiery cocktail glass for obvious reasons. Artist: David Bowie Album: Diamond Dogs Release Date: April 24, David Bowie was no stranger to controversy by , but he saw more of it when he posed as a man-dog creature with its genitalia exposed on the cover of "Diamond Dogs. Have a look out for mono copies of the King's debut album. You're looking for a gram blue vinyl copy not hard to spot with a 6-eye label. Columbia switched to a 2-eye label in , making the former versions more valuable.

Only are known to have been pressed, and mint copies are as rare as hen's teeth. Look out for that artwork and you could be in for a treat. Collectors pay crazy sums of money for the most sought-after records, which include this dancefloor-filler by Washington DC's The Cashmeres. Pristine first pressings of the LP are the most coveted and fetch the highest prices.

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  1. May 26,  · The brighter the sound,the more difficult for someone to catch the spirit of the late 60'chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.co early Track record versions sound the best in my ears despite the very serious effort from the experts to whom i respect to the chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.co legacy version sounds amazing full of analysis and it has high quality vinyl but lacks the depth and the relaxing chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.co my opinion/5().
  2. Nov 27,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Electric Ladyland on Discogs. Label: Polydor - ,Polydor - • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock/5().
  3. 9 reviews of Electric Ladyland "For nearly 30 years me and my friends have jokingly referred to the "LP Prison" maintained by Electric Ladyland, which consisted of records that the proprietor decided at some point were "rare" or unusual and which were then assigned circa peak prices and placed far from customers behind a very tall counter along several of the establishment's inner walls.2/5(9).
  4. Oct 16,  · Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know A homemade kazoo, an intoxicated Brian Jones and other trivia related to the Experience’s final studio LP.
  5. what can I say, after owning numerous ELECTRIC LADYLAND CD remasters NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO OR BEATS THE sony legacy-exp hendrix gram 2 lp set. All art/cover restored to it's original form with a booklet. A total sonic PYSCHEDELIC watercolor EXPERIENCE on this vinyl. A masterpiece lp/5(92).
  6. Mar 19,  · Electric Ladyland was the only Experience album to be mixed entirely in stereo, but the official release distorted the 3D effects that Hendrix and the Record Plant engineers had worked so .
  7. Sep 18,  · ‘Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)’ Acting as the true opening song of the album, it was clear the near-title track of the record was written to show the intent of the LP. As a way of showing the growing tensions within the band, Hendrix actually took on guitar, vocal and bass on this one, with Mitchell still included on drums.
  8. Oct 19,  · Album: Electric Ladyland Release Date: Oct. 25, The band's label blacked out the bod, leaving a triangle of bikini. Instead of seeming lewd, the Crowes seem oddly patriotic.
  9. (CD), Spreadin Out Brutality, Arzmooser Walzerl - Various - Grüezi Miteinand (Vinyl, LP), In Una Notte Cosi - Riccardo Fogli - Best (CD), Molto Vivace, The K-Town Chainsaw Massacre - Phase IV - Phase IV (Vinyl), Silent Conversations - Paul Ellis - Silent Conversations (CD, Album), Gori Moja Zvezdo - Дубравка Нешовић* - Очи.

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