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This comp is assembled by volunteers, and distributed freely via internet. Usually it is hosted by several labels and net labels at one time. So there you have it! COM with the tag Tunnel Submission. Tunnel to the Underground is a compilation project meant to showcase the underground world of art.

We aim to include video music, short films, ect. Related Music Beta question-dark Versions - Different performances of the song by the same artist Compilations - Other albums which feature this performance of the song Covers - Performances of a song with the same name by different artists. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Secure Contain Protect.

Sea of Fire Remix. Nmmrem: Well if the last track by Theonugraha was the happy section of the trip on Kez le zeK the trip goes bad, he notices that the campus is infested with mucus and mould and he cannot breathe inside. Kai : so it was just not all an illusion? Alex: Guys… the same thing just happened to me. Kai, Alex and Nmmrem futilely attempt to find him for a moment, but give up because he has completely disappeared. After a few seconds, he comes back up again gasping for air with the tentacle around his neck.

Chewbacca growls, and then he goes down beneath the water again. Chewbacca: growls. Deformister — Satellite Nmmrem: Out of the campus nightmare. In the clear air, suddenly its late evening and things are groovy. A beer on his hand, walking out seems like the world world is similing at him. Odd scratching sounds made me look if someone is behind me. There was!

Alex: What are you doing down there? Traces of female vocal drift in seductively with those congas and filtered chords. So cool! Nmmrem: I did not even notice the female vocals with you guys here in the shower but its true, it might be seductive in another place! Or what do you think future Nnmrem? By the way, we might need more beer. Nmmrem: Now the protagonist that started his voyage from track number 14 Theonugraha has reached a very visual phase.

Things twist and change senselessly in the air in front of him, on the walls. It is hard to get a grip on existence. Sometimes a rhythm is found, but only occasionally, the search for the rhythm is on.

I have traveled many showers, drains and sewers from Columbia, to all the way over the globe back to Columbia. I personally have searched every stone, looked under every flowerpots and had multiple spastic dance attacks neither one of them was rhythmic. He smuggled it by accident inside his guitar. That was what I have been told, eh? OsO4 — At the laundry service. Os04 has created a laundry service phobia where the machines are ominously washing the evil clothes.

Alex: Hahaha! Kai: I perceived it entirely different. Penny Pennassi — Morte. Nmmrem: Hell the machines just became deadly, it is not just clothes it is rocks all around you. Machines bumping and crashing in front of you. Occasionally rocks burst through the glass and water comes out. Evil laundry-keeper talks to you senselessly that you should do something to it but you just cannot figure out what. Alex: Damned evil laundry-keepers!

Used to try and take advantage of the wifi at my previous laundromat, but it was locked by a security code that they changed every week so that you always had to ask someone what it was… but there was not always anyone there! Penny Pennassi? Alex: Yeah! And she looked like Jaws in drag.

Nmmrem: You mean James Pond? Talking about movies, laundry-keeper sounds like he could be the cousin of Gatekeeper and Keymaster from Ghostbusters! Alex: Hardcore punk thrash metal or something!

Strange combo. The vocals are like… your asshole is being ripped open. Kai: Nothing better than raw music that rips assholes!

Nmmrem: Hey, proper hardcore punk. Vocals are more grindcore when the riff has a bit of pop-punk in it. In total it is very hardcore. Not that i would know such a thing, the holy innocent saint that I am pretending to be. Alex: Saints gotta know these things! Guess you have to be on the list. Kai: You mean the sex offenders list? Nmmrem: Another guy speaking a senseless language on an ambient track.

Kai: I thought it was you, my friends? Anyway, yeah, so this track is like a ringing in my ears. Maybe I got swimmers ear when I was washing my hair earlier. The music is very minimal. Dick Assholson: I thought this track was shit. Alex: Dick Assholson!? When did you get here??? You hate all music, though. I just hate how all of it is executed. Nmmrem: Hey yeah that sounds like Alex! He just had to get had get his opinions on surface, on top of OttovRhino track on a music collection.

He must have thought that the way he slowed down the speed and then fastened the tempo makes him unrecognizable! Kai: Wow, I just feel completely brainfucked at the moment.. LiL — Nekrospazmatik. Nmmrem: Spasmic indeed. Just a LiL bit. Where is the sensible to the point critic of Johan Nederpel when you need it the most? You are the only one who can make sense now.. StruKtur — Alex: The noise hath begun… what do you think of this?

Nmmrem: Harsh noise assault not for the weak of mind. But definitely right length for a harsh noise track. Thunder-like booming shifts. A right attack on the ears and it succeeds with great succes! Iamdeadsmiles58 — Rapeing cardelia Kai: This is the moment that I realized that there was a large piece of soap stuck in both my ears. Luckily the catchy song by Iamdeadsmiles58 blow them so hard deep into my ears that the pieces of soap popped out of my nose holes! What is this miracle music that saved my ears from muffled sounds?

I am not digging the vocal style so I do not find much enjoyment even though the instrumentations have some punch…. Kai: ah so this is deathcore, grindcore? They must start using it in hospitals at the hearing aid problem departments.. Thought it was pretty awesome though.. Or did a piece of soap got stuck in my brain too? Nmmrem: I need to start using the same soap you do.

Alex: I believe you can buy it wherever pain is sold. Anyway, this music is sounding like what Cradle Of Filth should have been. Kai: Filthy? Exclamation Point — Io sono il Diavolo. Nmmrem: Ouch. Harsh noise that is heavy but more on the treble department. Some sort of twisting white noise? Very distorted, I prefer StruKtur over this.

Exclamation Point sounds at times like it could turn out to acoustic guitar. I think they took Chewbacca with them. I knew that Audio Hater was a lazy bum, but from the others it feels like a huge let down.. Alex: The music is cheering me up. It is perhaps a weird perception but this track seems to make me happy and smiley. When i close my eyes i see parameters that glow red hot like a chilli pepper. Indeed a dark tunnel, probably the inside of an asshole.. Fascinating stuff, the human body!

Rat Bastard — Club Foot. Alex: Oh shi-! This track is even better! The distorted to shit breaks section is killer. Kai: Is it because we are showering, or is everything in this compilation secretly based on ass, and assholes?

And now Ass kickers!? But yes, it indeed kicks ass so hard that it melts.. Alex: Yeah, I noticed that as well. It must be the sight of all of our bare asses in this shower that keeps causing it to be brought up! Nmmrem: Now very RedSKish beginning clip and surprising turns. Turns to a nice beat with a lot of glitch, lovely dirty. Love the sound clip in the middle.

Kai: Is your ass melting too? Time to dry our hairs by headbanging to this awesome track by Infrabaffes! Nmmrem: Brilliant beginning, mighty beat.

If the latter track was entertaining, this is super entertaining. Definitely among my favourites. Kai: Yes this is a simple, to the point banging track that will give us hallucinations by banging our wet heads against each other! Never noticed your long hair, Nmmrem! It is like the old school stuff from early Alec Empire but than ten tons time better!

And might I add, the sound quality of this raw piece is crystal clear too! Those are my top four, as of yet. Bassookah — Hold The Swine.

Nmmrem: Back on the all that jazz, a turn to the lighter side. The drums could be metal but they sound light, distorted noise nearing up extremely light cookie monster growling. Marraskesi: It is just frogs — using way too much drugs. I think I missed a spot. Kai: sure thing.. This pig-acid low volume repetitive metal loop track is on time, but the piano sample is definitely not on time with the speed-addled breakbeats.

Fucking Toto. Alex: Aggghhhh, some noise just happened. Bassy, rasping crunch guitars, lotsa noise, some clipped up chunks of sound. I think I dropped the soap, uh oh! Nmmrem: NOT from the lighter side. Hard-hitting rhythmic noise. Fine stuff too. Top 20!

Kai: Really they play this stuff in the top 20 nowadays? Reason to go back and check the charts again and leave the underground for what it is.. Nmmrem: They play this on the top 20 fuckfest charts in Punishtube.

Circuit Demon — Kuklinski. It is more of a bouncy wub experience. Nmmrem: Very circuity. If my computer could speak and had a personality I believe it has I hope it would reply in these sounds to my questions. And when im playing FTL, cause it likes it too. Kai: Can you feel the wubs? Alex: Suds and wubs! Kai : Do you want to feel my wubs? Elechronica — Astral Space.

Kai: I like to jump up and down and splash in the pools of water. Especially when hearing this Astral Space track coming out so unexpectedly. Marraskesi: Hippobiittinen avaruushimmailu. Got to make sure they are still there, you see? This track is nice, it entertains like some kind of book in an unreadable ancient language.

Nmmrem: Not exactly huge, though the name hints that way. Until 0. Some complex background tribal stuff. Lots of variations, sounds it is a 3 to 4 minute song but put in more compact space. Pogohm — Alien Resistance Short Edit. Nmmrem: It would be danceeble if it wasnt this hard. I really like the sense in music that makes rhythmic dancing impossible because of its diversity.

I suppose if trance had any quality it should sound like this, like you can only dance it in a trance where you do not care about anything else! Kai: Yes, i agree, being with all these fine reviewers under the shower sometimes gets things hard, which makes it not easy to dance the dance we wanted to dance.

Like this track over here by the irresistible Pogohm. It made me so hard, i could pole dance on my own pole. Kai: how is it going over there, Alex? You oke? Alex: So hard! But I agree with you, that it is very trance-inducing, the brokenness of the beatwork is alluring. Nmmrem: Somewhere you what?

Somewhere I… could be anywhere. Kai: Somewhere in the shower of Nmmrem? Nmmrem: Top class distortion guitar hook that comes after the intro. I guess this sounds like Linkin Park? Alex: Speaking of Linkin Park, I bought their debut album around the time it first came out in a record store.

I had been trying to find anything even remotely interesting to listen to, hoping for something obscure but not really discovering much. Out of morbid curiosity I picked it up, got it home, listened to it, and ended up soon giving it away to someone else I knew who had bad taste because I thought it sucked so badly. Nmmrem: Freud has always been some absurd term for me and this outlines my idea of it perfectly. Far-away ambience and a voice clip Freud himself?

Does that refer to Morsmores not getting the man and where he stands for? Freud has a tendency to crop up just when you least expect it, usually wearing a slip. Kai: I used to read a whole book of this Freud person and it seemed to me that he had no clue how people work and had lots of mental problems. He could have been a great gifted reviewer, analyzing stuff in his own narrow minded way. Monster Weird — Cosmos Kai: I have to admit that this track is one of these highlights on this compilation.

Monster Weird is such a successful beautiful project by D0x10 and nobody less than Kai Nobuko that I can only praise every single second of it!

Well done guys and big up for Monster Weird! I did not know it was a side project of D0x10! Alex: I love Monster Weird!!! Nmmrem: Cosmos is huge allright. The tracks feels like a small glimpse of that. Nmmrem: Translated: Agave syrup?

Is it actually edible? Kai: Yes, yes it certainly is.. Nmmrem: If it tastes like this sounds I want it for breakfast. After translating the title I cannot stop thinking about a colourful process of someone making agave syrup. Animation video? Alex: For this track, I suggest we get plastered on tequila! Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Related Music Beta question-dark Versions - Different performances of the song by the same artist Compilations - Other albums which feature this performance of the song Covers - Performances of a song with the same name by different artists.

The Tunnel to the Underground compilation project is meant to showcase the underground world of art. It is a collection of art from various underground artists from all over the world. This comp is assembled by volunteers, and distributed freely via internet. Usually it is hosted by several labels and net labels at one time. So there you have it! COM with the tag Tunnel Submission. I have been a fan of AFD for many years now. The one woman band headed by Veronica Grisham has never failed at delivering awesome tunes at a steady pace.

This weekend she hit her mark and released the new song as promised. One thing that stands out about Veronica and AFD is the fact that every release she puts out is progressively better than the last. And every release happens to be great!

The quality of the song raises the bar again.

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