Give You Hell - Nazzaq - Screams Of Terror (Cassette, Album)

Hollow of the Void by Petrification. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 23, The Creeping Unknown by Noose Rot. Featuring members of Gatecreeper, Skeletonwitch, and Wolvhammer, Noose Rot deliver a grimy, crushing take on death doom.

The Alberta crushers hold tight to their rank, astral-gazing grindcore, staring down abyssal torment all the while. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 31, Solid album. Nice guitar work and evil vocals! Explore music. Syphous This is absolutely, unforgivably disgusting death sludge. I died listening to it. Favorite track: Serpent Drug Cult Mythology. What can I say? If you're a fan of this subgenre, you need to have this LP in your collection. Favorite track: Petrified in Sewage. Otherwise I would have never heard of this band.

This is such an awesome find. If your in to doom with a little death growl, than this is for you! Do yourself a favour an give it a spin! Im glad I did! Favorite track: Dead Rituals. Robert Rodriguez. Raymond Altman Existo Vulgore. Pissball Pete. Orson Sojo. John Henry McMills Warrington. Mitch ov Hell. Sasha De'ath. Obstacle of Affliction. Swampy Joe. Jerry Reed. Adam DeGuire. Russell Daggett. The Audio Tourist. Hernia Flange.

Abrogated Conformist. Broken Holmes. Jack W. Michael Lim. Keith Michael. If they do that, Magma Rise will indeed - rise. It just immediately hits me with healthy dose of influence from one of my all time fave bands Autopsy. Not to mention a dash of Repulsion. You also get the old Swedish sound ala Dismember, Repugnant mixed in and anyone who reads Canadian Assault knows I absolutely love that stuff. So it is probably of very little surprise that I greatly enjoy the to some extent doomy and brutal sounds of Maim.

The riffs on here sound so classic and they are extremely heavy and memorable. The band also manages to slip in some tasty little guitar solos to assure you are hooked. The vocals are dark sounding and obscure growls that seem to fit the music well.

I honestly do not have a lot more to add to this. But if you like the classic stuff from the bands I mentioned above then you will want to check into getting yourself some Maim. Their new album is supposed to be out any time now. This EP of material is full of hatred and dissonance. The band also has one demo and a split to their credit. The conviction is there with this band - something mandatory for any band, but particularly, for black metal bands. I want to feel like I'm about to be burned to the ground when I hear a black metal release.

This one captures that feel nicely. Instrumentation reminds me of countrymen Eternal Majesty in places but much more hateful. While not original by any means, it definitely has the black metal appeal of old. I'd like to see what this band can do with a full length release. Just like these old warriors and I would like to think I still have just as much fight left in my black heart as the Butcher. Who make a triumphant return after a decade long hiatus.

The intro is cold and creepy sounding as hell, dank ambient backdrop and what sounds like a great pre-historic beast breathing and snorting in a hypnotic rhythm, each breath sending tendrils of steam in the darkness. You can not see the beast through the night and are paralyzed with fear. We then launch into bombastic black metal dripping with ferocity and driving at an electric pace.

It is simple and cruel like any good barbarian horde. Masakr is a great combination of catchy speed riffing, blasting rapid fire drumming and some truly sinister rasping black metal vocals that help create a real eerie atmosphere. It really marries the epic early classic black metal sound I worship with the memorable tremolo riffing and vocalist Barbarud simply sounds possessed and maniacal. The Butcher is back and they are not fucking around. The black metal scene needed an album like this right now and so do you.

So Invasion, a re-release of their album is a new one for me. You can hear hints of what would come for Manilla Road as the 80s wore on and they adopted a more metal sound. The fans that are hoping to hear vintage in their prime Manilla Road metal may be a bit disappointed.

As for myself I am a fan of s hard rock and this is a neat little time capsule for me. There are some cool effects and sounds on here for the time period. You can definitely feel the band attempting to find their way, it is beginning of the power that the band would become.

There are strong hints at this on the awesome thirteen minute album closer The Empire. It is an epic and ambitious tune that is finely crafted with a superb main riff and plenty of dynamics, such as dueling guitar effects, some tasty fills and mystic, moody atmosphere that keeps you interested the entire length of this marathon song.

That brilliant song alone is worth the price of this album, it is well ahead of any other tune on here, this song The Empire is fucking fantastic I am telling you. I dig the vintage band and rehearsal photos too. I would say this is a must have for Manilla Road fans and 70s rock aficionados alike. Not to even mention, at least to mine ears, they create a pretty distinctive brand of doom music that has their own stamp and vibe on it. I guess I can hear some things like Fields Of The Nephilim, early to mid period My Dying Bride or maybe some influences of early Type O Negative, but probably a little less metallic at times, then those two latter bands and little more experimental sounding maybe a touch too much for my liking at times.

Maybe something like Jex Thoth would be a more contemporary comparison to make? They combine perfectly with the music to create a truly sinister and doomy music whole, and above all, an atmosphere that would bring out a sardonic smile from almighty Satan himself.

You get raw, filthy mid-paced guitars and drumming, the drummer does let loose with some moments of furious faster blast beats before relaxing back to the more controlled mid-pace sound. Inhuman shrieks spew out the blasphemous lyrics.

I am rather hoping this release was nothing more than an early, beginners demo tape. As Manth to be blunt are all kinds of sloppy with a liberal does of down right horrible. I mean what an mess we have on our hands here. The metal half, is poor to barely passable but possess no real flow, feeling or direction to the song.

The atmospheric half, sounds like a child who got a synthesizer for christmas. The two halves are merely smashed together in exceptionally amateurish fashion. I am left scratching my head as to why a label would want to release this? Marduk, have always delivered superior quality with their song crafting skills and this album, while not my favorite is supremely excellent. Split into two chapters as to explain a tale, it has an overall concept feel to it.

All in all this is a great album with plenty of violent, hate inspired lyrics and music to go around. This is black metal! I like only a very select few bands in this genre. So a band in this style has to be quite remarkable to capture my interest. A second mark against Marionette is they seem to have decided to meld the Goteburg melodious death style with a genre I mostly actively dislike. That would be American metalcore, some call it deathcore and others call it mallcore. I mainly call it garbage.

There are some quality harmonious riffs and interesting structural moments to be had. At other times the music is just too sweet or drowns you too much in metalcore for me to truly attempt to enjoy it. You have heard it all before, one thousand times, but if you are a big fan of the styles I have described above.

Well then I see no reason you will not enjoy Marionette. Excuse me though if I pass on this. Mark from Asteroids , is one talented guy and certainly does shred up the fret board, something wicked.

He plays with a lot of emotion too. Much better than Asteroid, but still not metal. Same price and addy as the Asteroid CD. They continue to do it - here is another album of top quality, catchy and heavy brutal death.

Also Dave Culross steps in and puts down one deadly maelstrom drumming performance. I take great pleasure listening to this album and much respect is what I feel for this band. Box , Phoenix, AZ. Gride do 2 covers, one of Rupture, and a interesting one of Health Hazard which include female gind vox and all - cool! Nothing to blow you away but still some great mind-grind to be had on this pro packaged cassette. They have done this before, an extremely supportive label, they send promo copies of other labels releases around for review and that is the case with this release and a handful of others reviewed elsewhere.

Another piece of metal sickness from a very underrated Polish metal scene. I am not going to laundry list them off here, but suffice it to say Masachist is made of members of a number of old bands from the scene, this might be their second album but they are veteran UG musicians. The riffs on Scorned are some of the heaviest, chunky riffs I have heard in a while, reminds me slightly Banished from the early 90s. I am happy to report that after the opening track, they leave the deathcore, mallcore junk in the rear view mirror.

After that you get what you hoped for, straight on guttural death metal with some interesting guitar patterns, pounding drums, harsh deep and throaty growling vocals. This is some old school, American NYDM style death metal, it does steam roll along with some non-typical guitar rhythms and musical ideas within the brutality to keep your interest.

This is topped off by some again old school sounding vocals that are combination of Suffocation and Deicide type vocals and I really, really like the vocals except that awful first track. It almost seems like they arranged the songs on this album worst to best, as the album seems to just keep building and getting better as you go along.

If you can just get past that opening track clunker, you will be satisfied you were patient. Check it out. So if a band plays that style, it is not terribly hard to win me over and win me over Mass Burial from Spain have done. This is intense, heavy death with rolling razor riffs, and obscure pounding drums that patter upside your head harder than a pair of bloody knuckles. Yes this is Swede influenced to be sure; I can definitely hear the band is big fans of the almighty Grave! Also I am sure early Entombed and Dismember.

It is well done and unquestionably unoriginal but it is still fucking fantastic, Mass Burial just pummel you into submission. I am sure some will think these guys borrow too much, in fact I could swear a whole section of one song sounded very close to some Entombed material.

The vocalist reminds me very much of Ola Lindgren from Grave and I love his semi-decipherable classic growls, yeah these vocals kill. I really enjoyed this album and can recommend it, but there is an argument to be made by more picky fans to just listen to the albums of the original masters instead. As for me I just can not get enough! Nine songs that start out heavy and never let up until the final note is played.

But both Vic and Tim have been playing music for a long time so yes the music is heavy and fast it is also complex with a lot of memorable and catchy riffs that are memorable even after the cd has long ended. Tim's vocals have never sounded better or more vicious then on Insurrection Divinity and Vic's higher screams and growls.

If you heard the bands previous release "Unleashed" then definitely buy this!! Massive Slavery are proficient at playing what they play, which is modern melodic death mixed with metalcore. I am not the biggest fan of either style, so the mixing of the two only tends to amplify things for me. As mentioned though they handle their instruments well and I found myself if nothing else enjoying the individual performances from each musician.

The musical whole however is not overly distinctive or memorable and lacks a little focus. I mean they have a lot of quality parts and sections but they are put together in a somewhat clunky, patchwork manner and seemingly lose the plot a couple times over within a song. The vocals from Jonathan are the style we usually hear with melodic death bands. You know they are growls but laced with a little thrash gruffness and kept clean and decipherable enough so that all the lyrics can be understood to those that listen closely.

I can appreciate the talent and the performance, but as mentioned the execution in the song writing department needs to mature and refinement that should hopefully come with time. I am always excited to get new releases from my mighty homeland, despite that Global Enslavement missed the mark for me.

Admittedly I am not a fan of this style in general though. The first moments of the opening track really grabbed me and got me excited. From there though things sort of settled down and the energy drained and mellowed a little. As the album continued to wind along my interest seems to be dropping bit by bit.

I think another band that comes to mind as an influence for Masterstroke would be Nevermore, though not as powerful or quite as memorable in my view. I am probably being a little hard on them though. There is some quality material on here, some solid melodic riffs and they do have the ability to draw emotion out of the listener. Something for me that is integral to a good band playing this style as things can get very stale, very quickly if they do not have that emotional hook to draw you in and keep you there.

As obviously with this mid-paced flowing style with the keyboard atmospherics do not lend themselves to heaviness or speed. The best part of this band may just be vocalist Jari Tiura whose has a great soaring set of smooth pipes and he carries off the sound beautifully.

I would say the biggest drawback for Masterstroke might be is that from song to song they start to get kind of same sounding and lack identity from one another. I am being a little picky here as stated, but this is a talented band who are on the cusp of turning into a something special if they play their cards right.

Said seven incher is included here. A superb album done by fine musicians who write music with feeling. Yes, they copy viking-era Bathory heavily. But they do it so fucking well! If you can look past all of that. You are awaited with a fine, raw and majestically epic piece of work, by individuals that are true to the underground spirit!

I guess that last bit means she plans out and coaches the vocalists every move and emanation? Speaking of which the vocals, they are really often more of the dark death metal variety, set to sometimes ambient and other times noisy harsh aggression. For me, rather than finding that harsh and extreme, it just came off grating and annoying, sort of headache inducing. This more often then not comes off like a cluttered mess and displays a muddled musical direction or possibly lack of direction I suppose.

The more atmospheric moments and some of the vocal work , where they slow down the din of silver wear cascading down a set of stairs, is actually decently done and enjoyable, yet it is a little hard to enjoy at the same time, because you know the mess is going to start up again soon.

Yes, maybe I just do not see or understand what they are going for, but to me this is trying to do a bunch of things at once, not doing them that well, suffocating the musical whole and not letting the individual parts much room to breathe, rendering them nearly useless.

I would pass on this, but give their myspace a listen and see if you agree with me before writing them off. This is my first experience with Memory Driven. Animus is a pretty diverse record and I would say not as accessible or as immediate as many of the bands on this label.

It will probably take a few listens to really grasp what all is going on here. The more I listen to it though the less inclined I am to the doom tag that comes with the label reputation and is around the band.

I mean do not get me wrong these guys are great musicians and have some really interesting things going on in the music and I really can dig some of it.

Maybe it just was so much of the opposite of what I was expecting that I just had a hard time really getting into Animus. I really do not care much for the vocals either.

I would say if you like some of the better stuff from the grunge days mixed with some doom rock type tendencies then you would most likely like Memory Driven.

However for me it was just not my cup of tea, I gave it a good shot and listened to the record 4 or 5 times looking for stuff I liked. But ultimately the things I did not care for about Memory Driven outweighed that which I liked. Decimating Titans is the inventive side-project of Daniel Jackson, who is known for his work with his main brainchild, Void Ritual, which takes a more straightforward black metal approach in terms of lyrical themes e.

This album, according to the description from Redefining Darkness Records, takes on the themes of abhorrence for and usurpation of conservative establishments that maintain and direct power as they see fit. Let them decay! Every moment of Decimating Titans is packed with rage and aggression, making it an energizing listen, and a cathartic one by the end.

Truly, this album is almost entirely well executed. Including chanting vocals does wonders for expanding the foreboding tone past the extremity of everything else contained within the composition. Jackson does not waste a single second on the album, making it feel like a complete release despite its short run time.

Do they have quality music to back the window dressing? These Italians do have a knack for writing that old loose style, most of these plastic i. The vocals sound so familiar as well but I will damned if I can remember who, the closest I can seem to come is Hellhammer with early Bathory with a dash of Cronos and something else I just cannot put my finger upon.

How does Bestial Burst keep finding these maniac bands?! I must confess this album has an atmosphere and feeling to it that I have not felt in a new band in many years. Buy this now or I might interview and then you will be sorry you waited later. It saw them dropping their old school jazz tinged speed metal roots and crafty structuring. I fail to see where all the hype on this band is justified! Just to be fair, I have this album a multitude of listens to see if I was missing something.

I will give them one thing on here, they try some spaced out stuff to distinguish them from the pack but ends with being a futile effort. I am talking about Athenar aka Jamie Walters besides Midnight, he was also in Destructor and in the past was part of Boulder, Abdullah and more. Just listening to this album, it is painfully clear Jamie is one dedicated motherfucker and is a devout worshipper at the altar of metal.

Despite Satanic Royalty being the bands debut album, Midnight has been releasing demos, split eps, eps, and even a live album since ! This is some mean, dirty shit bro, I am telling you I have never tangibly smelt Canadian Whiskey, cigarettes, pot, leather and the crotch of bar sluts emanating from my speakers before, but there is a first time for everything. You get fast and angry speed metal with lots of energy and some large nods to the early works of bands like Piledriver, Kreator, Destruction, Celtic Frost and big dose of the almighty Venom with a dash of punk.

Hah even the vocals sound an awful lot like Cronos. So yes it is retro and nothing new, but it is done with such dedication and ferocity you can not help but respect it. Not to mention it is catchy and memorable as hell, with great singable choruses and all out head bang inducing riffage. It is really a must for old school goats like me that can never get enough of this classic sound. Satan himself could not have conjured such a cacophony of audio debauchery!

Hell, this is Canadian Assault you're reading so chances of that are null. A big "thank you" and a resounding drunken "cheers" salute goes into Hells Headbangers' direction for releasing this compilation of red hot carnality and infernal decadence. Not the first time for the band to offer a compilation type album but with the limited nature of those 7 inchers and splits of theirs the idea holds well. Raw, catchy and instantly headbangable, Athenar's Midnight are all you need for a mighty good time, reducing the ongoing Venom soap opera reunion carcass to dust and then some.

Right, not the most "in depth" or "intellectual" review the world has ever seen but the music doesn't warrant one - get this 21 song album preferably the 2-LP version , indulge in unhealthy amounts of your favourite alcoholic poison and blast the fucker LOUD! idea pity, that now can not express.. Primary Menu. Search for.

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