Girl School - Various - Here Come The Bulletholes: A Powertool Records Compilation (CD)

Life Variations CD single. Bureau B Germany. Semitics CD. Cooking Vinyl. Black Rain I hand-numbered CD limited to copies. Reel To Reel. Eight Classic Albums 4xCD. Japan Calling 2xCD. Good Ship Funke. New West US. Auraa CD. Bpitch Control Germany.

Jazzblazzt CD. Klanggalerie Austria. AMMAR Glitterbeat Germany. The Brussels-based producer has flipped the script on this much-anticipated follow-up, swapping North African sounds and voices for those from the Indian sub-continent the set was partially recorded in the city of Chennai.

While this may surprise some, the basic formula - exotic rhythms created using drum machines, overlaid with a mixture of psychedelic electronics, traditional instrumentation and locally-sourced vocalists - remains as inspiring, heavy and intoxicating as ever. Les Disques De Culte. Kick I CD. Versions CD. Shrines CD. Backwoodz Studioz. Of course, there are still darker moments about the harsh reality of life in 21st century America but lush musicality and smart lyrics from woods also elevate the mood.

His smooth flow ranges from cockiness to realism, with sojourns into abstract word play next to chillingly real and explicit ideas.

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He is letting an old lady in. Retrieved June 28, Hung Medien. Retrieved February 21, Top peaks to December Ryan, Gavin Australia's Music Charts — pdf ed. The HP column displays the highest peak reached. London: Guinness World Records Limited. Authority control MusicBrainz : 3beeac5-b8dc-fdebb. Categories : American glam metal musical groups Hard rock musical groups from California Identical twin males Musical groups established in American musical duos Rock music duos Twin musical duos Twin people from the United States Male musical duos Frontiers Records artists Geffen Records artists.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Matthew Nelson performing in Santa Monica, California , U. Hard rock , glam metal. Geffen , Stone Canyon, Frontiers. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nelson band. MusicBrainz : 3beeac5-b8dc-fdebb.

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Sort Artist. Artikel 1 bis von auf Seite 1 von 2 anzeigen. People also bought Pharos CD single. Candlelight US. The Fireside Sessions CD single. Life Variations CD single.

It is a little surprising for us in retrospect that this single came out as late as The A-side is from our first Spanish album release which was a compilation of our first two mini-albums and complemented with this single. We did our first Spanish tour in , so these were released in conjunction with that. One of the founders of the Marilyn Records was Frenchman Patrick Boissel who nowadays runs Alive Records in California with his wife Suzy Shaw who was formerly married to Greg Shaw ; small circles indeed in the record business!

We never met Patrick in person because Amigo Records handled all details of the licensing deal. We noticed that this compilation went down well in Spain because when we were touring there, everyone we met seemed to own a copy. It is a licensed single with the same versions as on the original mini albums.

We believe this single has stood the test of time as two of our strongest early self-penned songs were picked as A- and B-sides. The Next Big Thing A. Shernoff B. This is the first record on which Joakim E. It was also our last recording in Mistlur Studios , just before the building were torn down.

It was the least thing we could do. The Next Big Thing was a part of our live set list since before, so we were quite comfortable recording it. We kept the Aerosmith intro on this studio version, which puzzled many. Furthermore, Transmaniacon MC is another song title, this one from their debut album. Everyone who was interested in this kind of music subscribed to The Next Big Thing , which meant that this single targeted an admittedly rather limited but, on the other hand, deeply devoted group of passionate music listeners.

It felt very rewarding for us to get the opportunity to follow up the previous great single released by The Next Big Thing with this one. Fire And Brimstone edit L. Wray B. The Nomads make a Link Wray cover on the A-side. We were pretty much on the road —88, and after that it was time for new recording sessions. Nix had found this Link Wray album as a cut-out way back in the seventies and he has liked Fire And Brimstone since then.

The album's got a bit of an ESP Records sort of feel – not in an avant jazz way, but in the manner of the freely open style that some of the label's rock and experimental groups were allowed to work – although here, the sound is relatively free of music and recorded with a sense of starkness that makes the sharper edges of the poetry come.

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  1. Check out Here Come the Bulletholes by Various Artists- Powertool Records on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  2. Nov 07,  · The first Powertool Records compilation, Here Come The Bullletholes (). The compilation that put Powertool Records on the label map. Maitai said at the time, “This project started out as a promotional sampler of the artists on Powertool and has expanded to include our friends, who we love and admire .
  3. Keep an eye/ear out for forthcoming releases on Powertool Records by: Ghosts of Electricity Sugarbug Plexuz Michael O’Leary A J Sharma Matthew Bannister plus the 2 nd edition of the US/NZ CD/zine ‘Drill/I Have No Idea’. Factory Kids ‘Cried Off’ Factory Kids are a long distance duo, currently based in the UK – but in different towns.
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  5. This is a list of cover versions by music artists who have recorded one or more songs written and originally recorded by English rock band The albums have been created in dedication to the group, including film soundtracks, such as I Am Sam () and Across the Universe () and commemorative albums such as Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father () and This Bird Has Flown ().
  6. Nelson is an American rock band founded by singer/songwriters Matthew and Gunnar Nelson (twin sons of Ricky Nelson and Kristin Nelson).The band achieved success during the early s with their double platinum debut album After the Rain, which featured the number-one hit "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection".. After the success of their first album, the band claims to have been faced.
  7. Review: Earlier in the year, experienced ambient producers 36 and Zake released two different versions of the same album, "Stasis Sounds for Long Distance Space Travel", with the vinyl and cassette releases featuring totally different chnagadardesema.lapnetptechycabolahaserukagols.coy, they've now decided to compile all of these contrasting takes on one limited-edition CD. It's well worth a listen, because in our opinion it's one.
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