Dont Need Nobody

I love Roleplay. However, I don't want to have to go through a 10 minute talk just to get my access change Ahem Paradise Station.

This server has that almost perfect balance of well; Realism, Gameplay, Balance, Action and Roleplay. Know what I want to see changed though? I want admins to stop noting sec for doing their job because of a harm baton or defending themselves unless it was an innocent or was cuffed or otherwise helpless.

I want clowns and mimes to stop being fucking griefers. I don't play Mime and Clown because I don't want to grief people. Why should I have to take their grief then? I love the action and immersion this server can give me. But walking down a hallway of smashed windows at Aux and HoP line and a bunch of bored little shits smashing up cargo really takes away my immersion. It seriously does, and that above all is what is most important to me. Just felt like sharing that.

It's honestly how I feel. Whether or not you agree isn't what this is about. But yes, I 'personally' feel like security issues is not handled well by admins. I'm not saying this server needs to be more roleplay like. Even if it feels like an IC issue, It's that which allows it to continue.

Hell my best mate and I have the opposite views on this. He's always a mime. And always a shitlord, but hey? He's my best mate. What can I do? Of course him being a shitlord, he thinks any punishment is too much.

Me and him even have very slightly heated convo's about it. Misutto Well-Known Member. Blukey said:. Never was an RP game Gameplay comes before story. People don't like losing.

If you die, you lose. If you play dumb, you die, which means you lose. If you powergame, you live and get a chance at taking down the big bad of the round, thus, you win. Can you see the connection? It's not so much about winning or losing, while those are your motivating forces that's simply a narrative force. It's more about having fun rounds and coming away with fun stories to tell. Some of the most fun rounds I've had ended up with heroic deaths, others featured me going up against wizards with equipment from tool storage and emerging barely alive, others throwing myself into space to save a crewmember who had been trying to kill herself all round.

At the end of the day, losing is just another chapter, it's part of the bigger story and it can be shit and infuriating or it can make you sit back in your chair and clap. For that reason sometimes powergaming is an integral part of how the lone atmos tech managed to defend his department from the xeno onslaught with a homemade flamethrower, in others it's the reason the clown was able to kidnap and kill all of security in under 10 minutes.

Really the only thing that fucks with my mojo when it comes to this way of looking at it is where The Gods get involved and start whining at people for playing wrong. Nobody likes Deus ex Machina but the Greeks.

And look at what happened to their economy. Dzlan said:. Security is just a job like any else. Karol G Caramelo remix part. Justin Bieber Ariana Grande Tattoo remix part. Aplicaciones y plugins. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Editar playlist. Clear currently playing song. YES NO. Saudi Arabia Playlist. Share your playlist Saudi Arabia Music. Download app. Apply Language Selection Please select the language s of the music you listen to. Don't Need Nobody lyrics I've been too numb to understand I'm just a victim of the weapon in my hand So many casualties of love But I've been bulletproof I'm staring at the sun!

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Don’t Need Nobody – Ellie Goulding Roblox Id. 4 0. This is the music code for Don’t Need Nobody by Ellie Goulding and the song id is as mentioned give it a thumbs up if it worked for you and a thumbs down if its not working so that we can see if they have taken it down due to copyright issues.

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  1. Nov 06,  · Don't Need Nobody Lyrics: I've been too numb to understand / I'm just a victim of the weapon in my hand / So many casualties of love / But I've been bulletproof, I'm staring at .
  2. Nov 06,  · Listen to Ellie Goulding Don't Need Nobody MP3 song. Don't Need Nobody song from the album Delirium (Deluxe) is released on Nov The duration of song is This song is sung by Ellie Goulding.
  3. Don’t Need Nobody. Don’t need nobody cause I got you Needed somebody till I found you I feel fine, fine, fine, fine all of the time Cause you’re mine, mine, mine, mine all of the time. I like to live and I like to leave Nobody gives me what you got to give I feel fine, fine, fine, fine all the time Cause you’re mine, mine, mine, mine.
  4. I don't need nobody, need nobody but I don't need nobody, need nobody but you I don't need nobody, need nobody but you I don't need nobody, need nobody but you I'm just so used to emptiness Can't feel your heartbeat when I'm lying on your chest You're different from the ones before I know you don't believe it's you I've waited for.
  5. Mar 15,  · Original: Pic link: Origins: Touken Ranbu .
  6. Oct 02,  · You don't need nobody else, and you're putting this all on me, forgive me [Verse 2] I say you don't need nobody else Feels like you don't got me so you feel like you've been by yourself.
  7. Jun 12,  · 'I Don't Need Nobody' samples/Uses: Vocal from Kelly Charles - You're No Good For Me Piano from Digital Orgasm - Moog Eruption Vocal from Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause 'Feel The Beat' samples: Vocal from The Beastie Boys - The New Style Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: 5 /5(30).
  8. I Don't Need Nobody Lyrics: I don't do the law, I'm a superstar / Baby move along, shooting movie roles / Shawty don't dance, only do romance / Only thing I love popping rubber bands / Put my pain.

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