Boom-Boom Bitzy! Bom Bitzy!

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So she Improved. And based on Trainee Showcase. Not necessarily, in some cases when 2 or more girls are around the same level there could be more than 1 even if the group is small. Kinda like how 9muses have 2 main vocals but they are only 4.

But current positions usually go unchanged. Instead the CBX members retained their EXO positions with Xiu getting main positions in rap and dance, and Baek getting lead positions in rap and dance. Jay park Former 2pm member — 4 Years.

Lia is the Main vocal and Visual and she is in the bottom? Jisu only auditioned in SME but never signed a contract because her grandpa was against to it because she was really young that time. Yeah I only noticed after posting this. And Yuna really suprised me! Ryujin literally had no lines and didnt rap. Yeji got many screentime, lines and rap. Yuna was unexpected.

She got to sing and rap. I think she is the Main Rapper. Chaeryoung was okay. She did sing and rap too. Lia was wasted as a Main Vocalist. No high notes and most line in the Chorus. Hopefully Ryujin and Lia can shine in next Comeback. This debut is amazing. Yuna looks very charismatic when dancing and I think she may also be a lead dancer. Ryujin is a tough one. She looked a little less charismatic in the dances compared to the other members, but maybe it was because of her heels?

The rap positions are indecisive. Unless Yuna is the main rapper?! The only positions that are clear to me are the vocal positions. Lia — Main, Lead — Yeji, Chaeryeong.

Ryujin barely got any lines or screentime but she still captures my eye. She is either Main or Lead. Yeji is so multitalented. Like girl can sing, dance and rap. Chaeryoung did not leave a strong impression to me but I like her voice and her rap was gooood. Lia had little lines for a Main Vocal. All I could get was that she had a nice tone and I like her voice. She is also really pretty. Sad that she got no high notes. My guess: Main Vocalist, Visual.

People say Ryujin is a centre and apparently its been confirmed by sources. I remember her being really talented in Mixnine. I dont understand why she got no rap and she has few lines. Yeji is kinda like a Centre now. My guess: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Centre? Dalla Dalla was a strong debut song that managed to showcase certain members really strong points.

Its not catchy and the flow is messy with the verse, chorus and rap. It takes a few listens but it definitely is a strong debut. Check my opinion and tell me what you think! Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper.

Also I feel like Chaeryeong would be featured more if she was really the leader. THAT is a rap, and ryujin got a rap line too. I actually think Chaeryeong is the leader cuz in JYP groups, the leader is usually the traine that has trained for the longest. I wrote a similar comment earlier as a guest, but idk if it went through. Maybe yuna got more rap lines than ryujin bcos yuna fit the concept more… ryujin is a really good rapper and never failed to impress anyone on mixnine. This Yeji chick is hot af and killin it so far.

She is my first bias lmao. Why is Lia visual…? Its clearly not her for both o. Yeji -Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper She has a deep and unique voice type that can be suitable in singing and rapping and has an aura of being a leader of the group.

Lia -Main Vocalist I know she is pretty but she was not speculated as visual, its only yuna and lia will focus on being the main vocal of the group. Yuna -Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae She has a vibrant and a bit high pitch voice which reminds me of cherry bullet kokoro but maybe she is just a vocalist, same also in her dancing and rapping skill…all I can say that again she has vibrant and energetic vibe which help her talent to burst lolz.

In english, the name is pronounced with a z. If JYP play their cards right, they can be just as famous as Twice. Second only to Yeji. They must have not seen her dance from the past survival shows. Yeji is not even a center, she is not even a visual, she is not even a main vocal, she is not even a main rapper, but she slay it.

Twice said they picked their leader with a voting thing. This what makes a person leader.. On the afternoon of Feb 12th, rookie girlgroup ITZY arranged a press conference to share the details about their debut and promote plan in the future. The reason why many thinks that Chaeryeong will be the leader is because this female idol had been a trainee at JYP for the longest time about 5 years. And according to the long-time tradition, Chaeryeong is supposed to be the leader.

Lia — Main Vocalist. Where is this from? HolyShit Guys!!! BTS got fake views. Some Armys are using fucking bots to cheat lmao. DDD got Lmao ur the one who seems to be pressed here bruh. Search it up on google. How tragic. ITZY just posted a birthday post for Ryujin! But she can be like Wendy RV , sub-rapper. Yes they said some of the positions in debut showcase but Chae is Maim Dancer since she said she was incharge of Dance.

In the debut showcase, Chaeryeong said shes in charge of dancing, therefore shes Main Dancer. Plus shes the member with the most experience especially in dance. Why is Yuna still a Lead Vocalist?! Is it just me or the one who made this is really Yuna biased?? I edited the comment, my main point was the date, which did get properly edited here. Why do you love labeling her as a lead dancer? Please edit the debut date, because in korean time they debuted febuary 11, and since they are a korean girl group, you should stick to the korean time.

She is better at singing than Chaeyeon her sis, and Chaeyeon is much better at Dancing. I thought with JYP the leader is always the person with the longest training period. That would be Chaeryeong right?

I know that. They just debuted so lay of the owner of this websites back!! In their debut showcase, both Yeji and Chaeryeong said that they are in charge of dance in the group. So, they are more likely both the main dancers of the group. I just noticed that leaders of JYP groups are made by their PD-nim as main vocalist, or if not, a supporting main vocalist. Not just in dance but also in rap. Well at least main vocal is a really heavy role and JYP tends to make his main vocals focus on vocal.

Obviously Lia is a lead dancer and a lead rapper too. Geez I am focusing the group as a whole but to think that Kpop Fans or a newbie fans might search the girls profile and to think that Kprofile is the famous profile site, and put Lead to Chaeryeong when in fact the TWO of them are the main, it might lead to misunderstanding. So yeah. It would be weird for her to be the only non-dancer in the group, anyways.

Yeji- main dancer, lead rapper, lead vocalist Lia- main vocalist Ryujin- main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist Chaeryeong- main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper Yuna- lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, Maknae. No wonder he let Chaeyeon get eliminated first in sixteen. Actually Jihyo also trained the longest in Twice 10 years!!

On the list of all girl groups, it still says that ITZY is pre-debut. Could you fix this? Yeji : Leader, lead vocal, sub-rapper, main dancer. Lia : Main vocal. Ryujin : Main rapper, Sub Vocal, and centre. Chaeryeon : sub-rapper, sub-vocal, main dancer. Yuna : sub vocal, and visual. Yeah her singing was incredible back when she was a teenager like 13 or something. Sad that yuna didnt get much attention as ryujin… cuz they both were in highlight reel.

Change chaeryeong position to lead vocalist back! Have you seen their mr removed video? Chaeryeong is the most stable one! But most people are not Jihyo biased.

Mr removes just measure stamina and some of them are actually pretty recorded. Dont worry lol Yuna is n. She has the 2nd most viewed fancam after Yeji and she went up a lot in this poll she used to be last. Ryujin used to be n. I love Yuna but why does she always end up with positions she doesnt have o. It doesnt work like this. You dont get it. Stability is thanks to stamina. Not vocal technique. Yeji has been showing good leadership skills ever since they were trainees.

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