Bali Hai - Monty Kelly - Tropicana (Vinyl, LP)

At any rate, my videos are never meant to take the place of higher quality sources, and I urge everyone interested in owning this album to seek it out. I ripped its contents for my enjoyment and created this video hoping to share it with others who appreciate hard-to-find and obscure music. Should the current copyright holders require its removal from this site I will comply.

You, Baby, You Cleftones 8. Signifying Monkey Smokey Joe 9. Ivory Tower Otis Williams Church Bells May Ring Willows 4. Tutti Frutti Little Richard 5. Bear Hug Little Richard Crazy Little Palace Billy Williams 2. Perkins 3 Honey Bun Colts 4. Bo Weevil Fats Domino 5. Long Tall Sally Little Ricnard 6. Zoom Cadillacs Church Bells May Ring Willows 2. Long Tall Sally Little Richard 3. Saints Rock 'N Roll Haley 7. Corrine Corrina Joe Turner 9. Down In Mexico Coasters Records and other prizes will be awarded to the winning entry.

When the cub gets a little older, song pluggers will have to watch their step. Wl Three V. Randy Wood continues as president of Dot, and Gilbert Brown as secre- tary. He was A great music lover, whose hobby was record collecting, Seaman left a brokerage concern to open a record store in He used the tiny Lex- ington Avenue shop to sell only dupli- cates of records he had in his personal collection.

However, business was tremendous, and he expanded this store and opened others in the city. He is survived by his wife Kate and two sons, Thomas and George.

Belgian Star Makes U. Souris has done a great amount of work for Belgium radio and television and is well known for his jazz piano virtuosity in addition to his arrang- ing and conducting chores.

The pair of jeans are auto- graphed by Eddie Fisher right across the seat. Each of the above acts contributed to the festivities by performing their specialties. Jerry Winston, Mardi Gras Records, has that feeling again. It has been the top mambo item for more than a year and continues to sell in real strength without a let-up.

We still think it would be a great item for some major to cover with a top pop artist. The lads look like they will soon by the proud possessors of two hits at the same time.

The next day in Charlotte, N. This was 1, more than the recent Bill Haley show in the same auditorium. The show, booked by Shaw Artists, will tour for five weeks and one day without a let-up, playing the east coast, invading Toronto, Canada, on April 10, through the midwest, Texas, back to the southeast territory and will finish in Birmingham, Ala.

Herman Lubinsky, after a bout of pneumonia, off to Arizona for a couple of weeks to recuperate. A great group and a great record. Says the reaction has been very strong. Fred Mendelsohn for another trip this week. Fred is on a talent hunt with sessions set in Atlanta, New Orleans and Cincinnati. Morty Craft, Melba Records, back in town after zipping through a number of cities coast to coast. The Shepherd Sisters were just signed by Wil'ard Alexander for management.

Those tremours you hear are no earthquake. At least not nature made. They are the reverberations from the two Easter shows currently standing New York on its head. Gene Pleshette, manager of the theatre, has arranged for a staff of on the inside of the theatre and he says the city has supplied police- men to keep the spirited youngsters in hand. This foresight and adequate policing has enabled these vast armies of kids enjoy themselves, let off plenty of staam and without incidents.

The kids enjoy themselves, get rid of pent up energies by joining vocally in many of the acts, but never cause any damage or difficul- ties. The Hartford situation seems to have been cleared up. The Hartford police department will assign more men to handle the crowds than they did at the recent Alan Freed stay. Frank J. Burke was discovered by Bess and she feels he will go all the way. Jocko has been with the station about four weeks and already several manufacturers have praised his program and the job he is doing for records.

Elmer A. Henderson, was assistant superintendent of schools in Baltimore and the Dr. Henderson Elementary School is named after him. Quite an honor — and some- thing for Jocko to shoot for. The reaction so far indicates it could be a real big seller. Chuck Willis and Roy Gaines dropped in to say hello. Chuck is getting ready for his first release at Atlantic — rehearsals, going over material, et al — and the plans are for a session early this week. The group, whose new re- lease on C. Four sides were cut and will be released immediately.

One of the youngest and the hotttest groups, the El Dorados, average age is Maybe their youth is what appeals to the public and may be one of the causes of their popularity.

The Cliques. Eddie Ray reports it was selling in all markets he visited on his recent promotion jaunt. Dootsie Williams has tailored his two new releases by The Medallions and The Meadowlarks for the dancing teenagers. Morty Kraft, Melba Records topper in town. The Bloclrbusters, a new group in the Relaney- Ram office had their first records released on the Aladdin label this week.

Warren at Central Sales says that two of the West Coast labels are going great for him. Aladdin Records settled in their new headquarters at West Pico Boulevard. The stunt resulted in special progi-ams for the label tracing the history of the company since its inception nine years ago. Cakes were delivered by a pretty model. A special surprise presentation of a cake was made to Frank Walker, general manager of the diskery.

He has apnointed Marty Hoffman to handle Coral nromotion on the East coast, and the Midwest terri- tory will be handled by Howard Caro. He ate, slept and broadcast from the high-dive platform for those 12 days. This poll came about when Kaye was interviewing Decca star Bill Haley during one of his radio stints. So please, dial GRant and give your age, and then answer yes or no as to whether you like rock and roll music.

Of these, persons voted yes and 9 voted no. The average of those voting yes was 32 years, and of those voting no, 26 years. The ages of the people calling ranged from seven to eighty-two. PL Y. Central Ave. Hall] Freddie Hall does a middle beat narrative vocal telling of his pride in his baby who walks down the street and stops traffic.

Ok two-sider that aims its strongest appeal at the southern markets. Bear does a narrative blues with a humerous lyric and gimmick. It is done with lots of appeal and if it gets enough air- time it could be a big hit. Bear backs with a very strong rock and roll item.

Bear shouts it out and the ork assists with a driv- ing instrumental backdrop. An excit- ing side that has every chance to make it big. It is a powerful piece of material etched with a very strong reading. The lads provide the listener with three delightful minutes and given enough exposure the deck can be a chart item. Good rocker for the kids.

Packed with drive. Birdsong] Larry Birdsong offers a strong side in this melodic slow beat blues. Birdsong handles the romantic lyric with an appealing vocal and the deck should prove a potent sales magnet. Birdsong] Larry offers a quick beat jump on the flip.

It is a mellow drifting wax. The group sings it with a sock appeal that is bound to send this Rama their disk soaring. The Valentines go soft and billowy in their treat-, ment of the tune. Fluffy bit of ro- mance. Should find a home with the kids. The group goes tender as it offers the slow, feathery ballad with feeling.

It is a warm wax and will undoubtedly draw plenty of listeners. Dupree fashions it without the vocal tricks he is so well known for. It is a straight blues in which the chanter proclaims his love but he is dejected because she has let him go. Things are economically tight for him and he tells his humerous tale of woe in the typical Dupree novelty fashion.

This is the deck to watch. It will un- doubtedly be a strong sales puller. Falls easy on the ears. It is handled in approved manner by the group and the kids will find it to their liking.

Ok deck. Good, satisfying rocker wax. It is a potent wax that should get a good reception in the southern markets. Strong organ, guitar, and sax solos. Organ featured throughout. Easy on the ears.

The lead does a very strong job telling the tale of the one sided love affair. Beautiful wax that is loaded. Deck has a driving quality and an enthusiasm that the kids should like.

Ok jump side that could stir up some action. Griffin] The Griffins move rhythmically through the middle beat bouncer with ease. A smoothly read lilter. Pleasant wax. Griffin] The Griffins jump on the flip to a quick beat romantic rock. Deck moves, pro- viding the teener beat. Easy to listen to wax. It is an intriguing wax, happy in sound, melodically appealing, and a strong bit of vocaling to nail it down. The week-end was highlighted with a cocktail party in behalf of the visiting artists.

Fitzgerald also men- tioned another Sun artist Warren Smith, who shows big possibilities. Already the record is drawing much attention here in Nashville and from all indications this young lass who hails from Richmond, Va.

With a new style and delivery, Wynn could create quite a bit of noise with his first release. Starting April 23rd Reeves leaves on tour for A. Bamford in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Reeves and Shucher in New York this past week on business. And, starting this week April 14th , he begins a day tour for A. Bamford and Ballard Flour Company. Roy Drusky is reported to be one of the hottest acts in the Atlanta area.

Bill Morgan, long recognized as one of the favorite jockeys in the Nashville area recently took an assign- ment with WSM and is now heard all night on the powerful watter! Best of luck. Crew Cut! USA Show. Shirley Caddell all excited about her recent record- ing session. Porter Wagoner and Trio looking for- ward to a hea,vy schedule of public appearances.

Bill Walker and the Foggy River Boys hdve taken off in different directions for personal appearances. Keep up the good work. These boys need plenty good record to play! Porter Wagoner Trio recently returned to Newark, N. This great tune was the instrumental hit of It came like a bolt from the blue against big band competition at a time when it looked like the bands were it.

Teamed together again are Anita Carter and Hank Snow with a new re- lease. Mimi was by and left her latest release. Dave was in for a visit with Eddie Hill and T. Presley is currently receiving letters from every state in the Union, from Canada and Overseas! Other talent on the show has not been announced, but is being handled by Sid Friedman. May are proceeding according to plans and many. Mac Wiseman was in town last week for another Dot Recording Session.

Kent St. The Chapeleers, is being considered for a major label. Myers, The armless musician. Perkins is set for appearances on several nationwide TVers shortly. Aunt Emmie Brown called to tell us about Al. Bert Farber of the Godfrey shows, in town with wife Pauline, stopped for a few moments to chat with old friends at WLW- and WSAI where he for many years was fea- tured as pianist and conductor. Their fifth child. Wonderful coupling. Get with it. Teen- sters should thrill to this coupling.

Watch this gal go. Stellar two- sider with an edge to the upper end. Could be a real sleeper. Two standout decks. Hays, M. Lovely choral and instrumen- tal support. Coursey, M. Coursey] Eddie Marvin dishes up a flavorful reading, set to a bouncy beat as he tells the enjoyable tale of a young boy and girl who have ideas of marriage. Able support by his Echo Valley Boys. Should lure many sales and spins.

McEnery] The late James Dean certainly made a terrific impression on the public during his brief but highly successful movie career. And in view of his still great popularity this heartfelt biography of his life by Red River Dave could be- come a big seller, country and pop- wise. McEnery] Under lid a lovely, slow moAdng, pop- flavored, romantic weeper that Dave waxes in soft, sincere style. Mize] "The splendid vocal efforts of Billy Mize combined with a pleasing set of lyrics and a bright melody provides for a solid money-making biscuit.

Mize] Here the warbler waxes a penetrating, middle tempo weeper in heart rending manner. Two potent Mize originals. Cohen] Skeeter Bonn takes hold of a refresh- ing, quick beat ditty with cute lyrics and wraps it up in appealing vocal- yodel fashion. Davis, W. Davis] On the bottom deck Davis softly renders, a change of pace, mod- erate tempo, crying-towel item.

Mullican] Moon Mullican stays with the rock and roll kick as he tastefully socks out a real pleasing, rhythmic ditty with an inviting set of lyrics. Strong instrumental assist supplied by Boyd Bennett and his Rockets. Two decks right up the country and pop teen-age alley. A musical- pick-me-up that should make the boxes jingle.

Noack] Strength puts across this sad, moderate tempo tale with the utmost of sincerity. I've Changed Carl Smith 2. Why, Baby Why Sovine fc Pierce 4. Wells 5. You're Still Mine F. Young 7. You're Free To Go C. Smith 9. These Hands Hank Snow 2. Tags: vintage pinup, sexy ups, 50s swimsuit, 60s bikini, 50s collectible, vintage cool, retro hipster, pop culture, pop art, pop, jazz, tiki, space age, roll, rockabilly, vintage vinyl, tattoo flash, music, lp album covers, beatnik lp, its martini time, cocktail hour, mod style, s, sexy sixties, kustom, kulture, ska, and roll, psychedelic, chick chic girl, groovy music, vinyl record, 45 rpm single, musical, sound, psychobilly.

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Tonight With Jose Melis. For Men Only. Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio element. A recording celebrating the roots of Jazz Funeral Music. Each track gets a brief introduction. The record features a terrific cover signed by all the members of the Eight Balls! We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below.

We have no association with London Records UK. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography which are all out of print , we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there.

This story and discography are copyright by Mike Callahan.

Monty Kelly Takes Me to Far Away Places, an Album by Monty Kelly. Released in on Essex (catalog no. ESLP; Vinyl 10").

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the High Fidelity Vinyl release of Tropicana on Discogs. Label: Somerset - P,Somerset - LP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Mono High Fidelity • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Latin, Pop • Style: Easy Listening/5(4).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Monty Kelly - Tropicana at Discogs. Complete your Monty Kelly collection/5(8).
  3. Jun 02,  · Tropicana, an Album by Monty Kelly. Released in on Essex (catalog no. ESLP; Vinyl LP). Genres: Exotica. Featured peformers: Burt Korall (liner notes)/5(9).
  4. Check out Bali Hai by Monty Kelly on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  5. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Monty Kelly's Orchestra at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Monty Kelly And His Orchestra* Tropicana / Life In New York 2 versions: Essex Records (3) Monty Kelly And His Orchestra* Bali Hai / To You With Love.
  6. Nov 08,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Bali H'ai · Monty Kelly and his Orchestra Relaxing String Sounds ℗ Master Classics Records Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.

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