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The raw sexual chemistry between Archie and Veronica is real, and not a soul on this planet can deny it if they've been paying enough attention. Honestly, not much attention on this matter is required, because Varchie set our TV screens on fire every time they share a scene together.

Many people criticize them for getting physical all the time, but then again, they're teenagers, they're hormonal, and they are very much in love with each other.

Throw the first stone if you've never got handsy with your significant other every time you got a chance! Yup, that makes sense. If there's one thing every healthy relationship needs is unconditional support.

No matter how perfect and strong we all wish to look in the eyes of the person we love, life is complicated, and things can get ugly whether we like it or not. Veronica is Archie's rock. The girl has been him for him every step of the way, from the very first moment. She helped him get over his stage fright, she was the one who told him he needed to get help, she refused to leave his side when his father was shot, and she remained strong every time Archie needed her.

In this sense, no one can point a finger at Ronnie. It's perfectly normal for you to want to get closer with your significant other's parents. Even after he realized he had sent the letter, he did not think she would really come. Veronica accepted the invitation, thinking that a dance would be fun. At the time she apparently lived in New York with her mother, and she begged Mrs.

Lodge to let her go to the Riverdale dance. Archie struggled trying to keep his dates with both girls, thus beginning their love triangle. Veronica enjoys a very posh lifestyle, as her family are among the richest people in the world. She nevertheless chooses to hang out with her less affluent friends, including the boy she is in love with, Archie Andrews , whom she nicknames "Archiekins. Lodge often has nightmares that Veronica and Archie will marry.

In , Archie Comics published a storyline that followed this possible future, marrying Veronica to Archie in one universe and to Reggie in another. Veronica's best friend and sometimes arch-rival is Betty Cooper , and the two enjoy countless activities and interests.

However, they are also at constant competition for Archie's affections. Veronica is often jealous of Betty, and will go to any length to steal anything that is important or a triumph for Betty, even if she Veronica did not want it in the first place.

If Betty has a date with a new boy, Veronica will let her have Archie for a brief time, so that she can steal the date. If Betty is praised for some achievement, Veronica will do anything to ruin it for her. In one story, she gave Betty a candy bar containing nuts which Betty is allergic to , so that Veronica could steal her modeling job. Veronica is concern and wants to help him. At lunch, she sits next to him and tells him that she got him in the variety show and if he is looking for a partner to sing with, she would love to do it.

After school, Veronica is going to her mother's workplace, where she works with Archie's father, Fred. She accidentally walks in at her mother and Fred kissing. She comes to her meeting with Archie and surprised to find out that Valerie is now working with them. Veronica is upset and she tells Archie "not to be that girl, Archie but I didn't get the memo we were adding another voice to the mix," she says with sarcasm.

Archie explains that Valerie quit the Pussycats and now she can sing with them. Veronica is mad and tells Archie, "That makes me what then? A backup singer? Veronica already had enough, tells him, "Don't do me any favors. The Pussycats are welcoming to Veronica and as they walk in the hallway with the cat ears, Archie understanding what happened. Later that night, it's finally the variety show and Veronica sings with the Pussycats.

Valerie also sings with the Pussycats returning to the group; before Archie's performance, he and Veronica exchange a few words: the first apologizes for putting her in the background due to the arrival of Valerie, and the second replies that she was angry with her mother and vented with him.

They both genuinely care about how the other feels, and Veronica renews Archie's proposal to sing with him. The boy would like it, and he would also feel more peaceful but he refuses because he is determined to get by himself, which is approved by the girl.

Veronica suggests the boy to focus on someone who gives him security, and Archie chooses to focus on her, despite the fact that her father is in the audience. The performance is fine in the end, and Veronica smiles sweetly throughout the song. During the party to celebrate Polly's pregnancy, Betty Archie's older sister came out angry with her best friend Jughead Betty's new boyfriend because he had just discovered that his father was a Serpent, a gang member who had vandalized the Archie's father's yard.

Veronica immediately realizes that Archie is in a bad mood, told them not to quarrel because it was Polly's day and pushed them to calm down and then accompany Archie out. Some time later Archie is a knight for Cheryl Blossom at some events organized by the girl's family. Blossom are a wealthy and influential family and in return Cheryl's parents would have helped Archie enter a prestigious music school.

When she found out, Veronica disapproved that it was a bad idea to ask and do favors for the Blossoms, but Archie didn't want to listen to her. It is possible that Veronica did not want Archie to be close to her nemesis Cheryl fearing that she could seduce him, which in fact the redhead tried to do. However, visiting Blossom home Archie accidentally heard Mr. Blossom say that he was responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of Hiram Lodge Veronica's father who is shocked.

Later Betty decided to organize a surprise birthday party for Jughead, now become her boyfriend and Veronica thought it was a fantastic idea, while Archie was not so sure, but in the end the brunette manages to convince him. This shows how much Archie takes her views into consideration, even if it is his best friend, whom he has known all his life who is almost a brother to him.

Jughead rarely takes an interest in sports, but has a few unexpected athletic talents. These are often side effects of his other activities.

For example, he is a very fast runner due to his constant evasion of Ethel and his determination to be at the front of the lunchline every day. Coach Kleats often tries to recruit him for various school teams, usually without longterm success. Over the years, he has been seen as a basketball player, baseball pitcher, martial artist, swimmer, dancer and gymnast.

Often, when Jughead attempts to join a team, he ends up with an undesirable menial task, such as water-boy or equipment manager. However, he often takes part in less strenuous school activities, such as the school newspaper, the Blue and Gold.

His reputation as a food critic and his unbiased views of the school teams make him a valuable member of the staff. In some stories, Jughead has been shown to have supernatural abilities that are never seen again.

These include controlling weather, giving the evil-eye, learning the skills presented in any book he reads, and predicting the future. In the " Super Teens " stories where several of the main Archie characters are secretly superheroes , Jughead could become Captain Hero , gaining a caped costume and more muscular physique varying from story to story , but retaining his crown-shaped cap.

Captain Hero appeared when Jughead recites the magic incantation. Teeny weeny magic beanie pointing towards the sky; give me muscle, power, strength - form a super guy!

Captain Hero often seemed to possess just the right powers for the problem at hand. These were never completely defined, but he maintained certain "stock" superhuman powers, such as flight, enhanced strength and resistance to injury. Early on, Captain Hero was often the most serious and competent of the Super Teens, and the others would defer to his leadership, in contrast to Jughead's perceived status as Archie's sidekick and a generally lazy individual.

Because of some confusion between the Archie Comics artists and the Filmation animation studio, Hot Dog switched owners frequently when he started appearing more. Hot Dog was eventually given a permanent home at Jughead's. Hot Dog is a long-haired mutt who resembles a sheepdog]]. He usually thinks like a human in that his thoughts are presented in voice-over or thought bubble in the comics to the audience as asides where the dog's mouth does not move.

Hot Dog is lazy, constantly hungry, and has a dislike for Reggie Mantle , much like Jughead. When Jughead's family objected to Hot Dog living indoors because he was covered in dirt, Dilton Doiley built Hot Dog a doghouse full of whimsical inventions, which was the kickoff plot for the miniseries Hot Dog. Hot Dog is usually considered a member of Archie's Gang. He is also the mascot for The Archies.

In the Filmation series, he is often seen pretending to "conduct" the band. A running gag was the two dogs' "battles" with Sabrina's cat Salem Saberhagen.

In the TV movie and subsequent comic book To Riverdale and Back Again , which portrayed all of the characters fifteen years after their graduation from high school, Jughead has become a psychiatrist.

He has a successful private practice outside of Riverdale, but was divorced and is raising his young son Jordan, who Archie jokingly refers to as Jughead Junior. In the comics, his career is usually expected to have something relating to food, due to his love for it. More than one story has suggested that when Pop Tate retired, Jughead would buy his restaurant and take it over.

Jughead was featured in a Filmation-animated segment for Sesame Street spotlighting, of course, the letter J. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Of course, Fred caught the close kissing call and he makes a comment to Archie about it, because what else are dads for? When Archie assures his father that he and Veronica are simply friends, Fred does not buy it for one second. Friends," he says, saying little, but at the same time, so so much.

Josie attends her boyfriend's match yeah, in case you forgot, Archie is still dating Josie , and sits next to Veronica. Of course, she immediately recognizes her boyfriend's snazzy new boxing outfit and asks Veronica about it. Her reaction when she finds out that Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe aka Veronica is Archie's new sponsor is pretty priceless. In fact, it's my new favorite reaction meme:. Montana came up with Veronica's first name by using the name of eccentric actress Veronica Lake.

Veronica has been called one of the most beautiful girls in Riverdale, and happens to be blessed with naturally good looks. In the comics, she is described as a brown-eyed brunette her hair is medium-length with bangs. She stands at about 5'6" and weighs about lbs the same height and weight as her best friend Betty. Despite her beauty, Veronica is seen as slightly vain, always concerned about her appearance and clothing. She is very fashion-conscious and buys only very expensive designer clothing which she is known to throw away only a few months after she has bought it.

She is constantly driving her father crazy with her credit card bills, causing him to try and curb her excessive spending habits, but with no such luck. Veronica is sometimes good-hearted and kind; always ready to help out a friend in need.

Veronica immediately realizes that Archie is in a bad mood, told them not to quarrel because it was Polly's day and pushed them to calm down and then accompany Archie out. Some time later Archie is a knight for Cheryl Blossom at some events organized by the girl's Known As: ArchieRonnie.

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  1. Veronica and Archie both witness an emotional moment between Jughead and Betty. Archie tells Veronica he wants to have that same strong relationship with her. All four friends celebrate over milkshakes before separating. Archie and Veronica go to Veronica's home where they have sex for the first time on the season one Anjelica Oswald.
  2. Archie Comics is the leading mass market comic book publisher in the world and the home to a wide array of the most popular humor, action-adventure and superhero characters in entertainment, including Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Kevin Keller, Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many Comics have sold billions comics worldwide and are published.
  3. Betty & Veronica: The Bond Of Friendship. Archie’s first-ever original young adult graphic novel! Pre-order now! Get It Now! Everything's Archie! On sale now! Get It Now! Jughead 4 Pack. On sale now! Get It Now! Characters Social Media. Tweets by @ArchieComics.
  4. Archie and Veronica. Nutshell. Archie calls up Veronica for some illicit Riverdale shenanigans. Keywords. toons; Author. Unknown. Source. Estate Sale, eBay. Content. Page 1. No notes available for this page. Page 2. No notes available for this page. Page 3. No notes available for this page. Page 4.
  5. After FP's arrest, Archie, Veronica and Betty rush to show proof of a frame-up, while Jughead, convinced of his dad's guilt, prepares to leave town. Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter 43m. As Riverdale prepares for its 75th jubilee, the gang struggles to return to normalcy, while FP faces pressure from the sheriff to turn informant.
  6. As such, he was the perfect sidekick for Archie: one who would not compete for Betty and Veronica's attentions. The first issue, as the rest of the series would be, is an anthology format, all of the short stories featuring Jughead.
  7. Sep 08,  · Veronica isn't the typical girl next door persona that Betty presents in the Archie Comics and on Riverdale. Plus, it isn't the stereotypical love triangle that one would expect from a teen drama. Whatever the reason may be, this difference in Archie's love life is a significant change and one that fans of both the comics and Riverdale will Author: Brett Hoover.
  8. May 06,  · Directed by Dick Lowry. With Christopher Rich, Lauren Holly, Karen Kopins, Sam Whipple. The classic comic book characters created by John L. Goldwater are brought to tv in a slightly older version. Here the characters are adults returning to their high school reunion and remembering old times and romances from good old Riverdale High/10().
  9. Oct 12,  · As a reminder, Archie and Veronica entered into a relationship close to the end of Season 1, when the two hooked up at the height of the group's .

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